You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt

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This isn’t my first bath melt from Lush & it won’t be my last. Although when I first bought this one many moons ago it was a little rectangle with the word Mango raised in letter on the front. It was simple with a pale orange colour that didn’t look much but did everything I wanted. Now Lush have recreated the You’ve been Mangoed bath melt but does it stand up to how I remember it?

You’ve Been Mangoed

I don’t quite remember if it came in a wrapper before but I’m glad it did this time. The new shape lends it’s self to be wrapped up neatly while also making it look a little more substantial. It’s something I’d gladly give as a present for those in need of relaxation but sometime size does matter. You don’t quite get how good it is until you take a bath with this in.

Lush You've Been Mangoes Bath Melt candy wrapper

What’s Inside You’ve Been Mangoed

It’s new form I’m assuming represents the Avocado Butter that is found in the flesh of the fruit & is great at rehydrating skin. Not to forget the Organic Shea Butter & Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter which both help to moisturize & improve the condition of your skin too. Of course I can’t leave out the obvious scent from the Mango Butter which is absolutely divine. Not just a scent this butter can help to repair damaged skin, it contains many vitamins, minerals & antioxidants. Other noticeable fragrances in this are lemon grass, lime oil & almond oil.

Lush You've Been Mangoes Bath Melt floating

The Experience

This can be a bath melt for everyone but it’s not glitzy like it’s bath bomb friends. Children won’t get the same thrill but if like me when I was young my dry sensitive skin did. This is for those who’ve had a long work day & need to relax. This is therapy for the mind & soul without the bill at the end of it. It can’t fix everything but it can give you peace & quite with super soft skin afterwards. If it was any bigger than this size it would be too strong, instead the scent lingers in a calming way. As you can see below it doesn’t do much in the way of theatrics. I couldn’t quite capture the green tinge of colour it gave the bath water that did look rather pretty.

Lush You've Been Mangoes Bath Melt in water

My only real problem with You’ve been Mangoed is because its oily I can’t wash my hair in the bath. It’s only a little thing but that’s it. If you have problems with very dry skin (I have psoriasis) you will like this. The only time my skin looks this good is after a Badedas bath or I’ve used something prescription based that wasn’t nice to use. If you’ve ever used Oilatum bath oil & hated the thick layer it leaves then this might be a good alternative. You get the protective barrier that locks in the hydration but it feels much nicer.

You’ve Been Mangoed is £2

What do you love to have in your bath?

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