You Only Smoother By BlowPro Inc Before & After Photos

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You Only Smoother - Blow Pro - mi

When I first saw that BlowPro hair products were going to be sold in Superdrug I knew I had to try some out. I’m always longing for smoother hair but without so much damage and already love the damage control hair mask. I rarely straighten my hair and that was mainly because it was so long but since having it cut much shorter it’s an easier task to manage. You Only Smoother is their to make even the most unruly hair behave it’s self.

You Only Smoother - Blow Pro - product


You Only Smoother – The Only Kink

I’m gonna start off with the negative because the fault isn’t in You Only Smoother, it’s the actual spray bottle. Now think along the lines of all the bottles of heat defence spray you’ve had. Some do a fine mist giving an even coverage others like this shoot splodges which don’t make sense. If you see the BlowPro Faux Dry Shampoo review you’ll get what I mean when good design in a bottle works. I think in could confuse and give a bad light, but I’m thinking it means you won’t accidentally use too much but a pump lid may have been better.

You Only Smoother - Blow Pro - before

This is my lovely self from Saturday, not so lovely are the spots that are still clearing but I’m not applying makeup before I do my hair. I love reading reviews on hair products but I like to see what the product can do. It’s suggested to do 10 to 15 sprays throughout the hair. I did this one spray at a time, into my hand and ran my hands raking through the sections I would normally blow dry in. I use sectioning clips to make it easier. It claims to be a high heat defence of up to 450 degrees ( or around 230 celsius ) which covers most heat hair stylers or for me that’s my Ghd’s covered.

Our cationic complex “self – corrects” – works with heat and bonds with hair to fill in gaps caused by damage while our Pure Protein Blend enriched with white tea + chamomile prevents static electricity. PCS Technology penetrates deep to nourish, strengthen and smooth giving hair a soft, moisturised sheen. – BlowPro

You Only Smoother - Blow Pro - after

You Only Smoother – Results

This has got to be the first time I’ve blow dried my hair and found it in this good condition. I would actually leave the house with it in this state of smoothness without using Ghd’s. Yes I still get a little frizz on top but that’s there even after straightening I just have to live with that one. My hair feels softer and I hardly had any knots in it while blow drying. I’m very pleased with the results and I like the fact that it’s got such high heat defence. My hair dryer is super old and doesn’t have a specific nozzle to straighten hair so I doubt you would either. Would I recommend this? I really would. My hairs coarse and a pain in the butt due to me mistreating it but you wouldn’t know that from looking at the above photo if I do say so myself.

After I did get the Ghd’s on my hair I was pleasantly surprised that it was even straighter than usual and I didn’t have to apply any more heat defence than was already on it.

You can pick You Only Smoother up in store or online at Superdrug it’s £6.99 for 148 ml.