WIMM #16 – Weight, Family Party & Grey’s Anatomy

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If your new to my little piece f the internet then read on if not you can skip down to the next part. WIMM is short for Where Is My Mind to say all the odd, weird & wonderful things that are going on. Absolutely anything that’s been floating around that I want to share with you. This week that’s me still trying to lose weight which is slow progress, a family birthday party & why my husband get’s points for his Grey’s Anatomy present!

Week 5 Weight Loss

So this week I loss 1 lb which gets me to 21 stone 13 lbs. It’s only a bit but seen as I’ve drunk & eaten breakfast at my moms I’m alright with. This means I’ll be adding £2 (+ 50p gift aid) into my charity page to raise money for Beat SCAD which is over on Total Giving. If you feel like adding to it every bit helps to get me to my goal weight & raise money for a charity that is close to me & my family. You can find out more in my last Weight Loss Week 4 post.

My Dad Is…

Brilliant. I don’t know how else you could some him up in one word. He’s just retired & also turned 65 a few weeks ago. So in style he had a party. This means that I was easily counted as still sitting in the 10% of the room that could be counted as the youngest! You’d think that it would be a quiet affair with everyone going home early & little going on.

dads 65 and retirement party

My mum & dad at the party. Let’s say a he’d had a few too many pints of Guinness at this point!

We had dancing around handbags while Fresh Prince’s Boom Boom Boom Shake The Room played. Lots of dad dancing including him doing Walk This Way showing clearly he had air guitar skills with a brush! My sister which I only wish I’d filmed did Celine Dion Baby Think Twice in what can only be described as worthy of Lip Sync Battle. All while her fiancé stood watching with a cringe on his face. Last but not least as the party died down my Lip Sync sister stuck a cupcake in my other sisters face. In what I count as trying to help, I picked up the same one while stood behind her I helped get her back. This ended up in me having frosting on my face & even my mum got dragged into the fun! We’re all grown ups here, we weren’t even drunk enough to blame it on that…

Greys Anatomy – No Spoilers Just A Surprise

If you’re a long-term Grey’s Anatomy fan like me then you’ll recognize the above as something that hangs over Meredith’s bed. It’s a note Derek (Mc Dreamy) wrote when they realize they never quite have enough time to get down to city hall to get married. It’s their wedding vows to each other, their promise to always be together. If you’re a fan you know how romantic this it. The one below is what my husband gave me yesterday, we recently decided to watch all the Grey’s Anatomy seasons again. We haven’t even got to this season yet but he remembered it. I love that he did, he said he would have given it me sooner but he was searching for blue post-it notes so it matched!

wimm greys anatomy

Hows your May Day weekend been?

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