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Why Clinique Beyond Perfecting Was Almost Perfect

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This is my update post about Clinique’s Beyond Perfecting Foundation. If you want more detail on how the foundation works, what it feels like & things like coverage you can go to my first post at Beyond Perfecting. I was all in to buy this foundation when I tried the sample I got in a magazine. Even though the shade was completely wrong (which you can laugh at in the first post), the foundation worked well for me. I decided the best thing to do was get a sample of the right shade.

What I Did Next

Clinique is offering at counters a sample that will easily last a week for you to trial yourselves so I suggest you go while they have lots in stock. Something I initially noticed about the shade range is its got a lot of pink tones within them. This is great if you have that skin tone as I’ve not seen many other foundations do this. There are 21 shades so I assumed their would be one to fit me but I am almost on the verge of being as pale as a ghost! That’s what I’ve been told! It’s one of the reasons I’ve always ended up in Mac as the shade range is beyond many others. I bought Mac Mineralize Moisture foundation at Christmas which I’m still loving but I’m not sure it will stand up to my wedding this year. I’m doing my make-up which maybe stupid but it’s a budget thing so that’s why I’m trying to test out foundations now so I can get the perfect match that will be effortless on the big day.

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Almost Perfect Alabaster


On first swatch of Alabaster I thought it was too dark for me. It can put you off as the swatch above shows it compared to Mac in NW13. It’s much darker when it’s concentrated but nobody (almost nobody) applies foundation like a mask & just let’s it set or they shouldn’t do. This went on best for me using my fingers , I feel like a buffing brush made it set too fast so I couldn’t blend it out enough. It does lighten in the way that it has an almost translucent quality to the finish which I do like while still giving a light to medium coverage. My only problem was Alabaster just isn’t light enough for me. Im going to say in Mac shades it’s closer to NW15-20 which is only a few shades darker. It’s workable but I know in my mind that it’s not my skin shade & I’m not attempting to look tanned in any way.

Almost… So Get The Perfect Foundation

I’m on a journey myself with getting the perfect base product for me. I think if I can get the base right then hopefully everything will fall into place. I’m going to be trying lots of foundations so be warned there will be many more posts on them. I recently wrote a post on How To Find The Perfect One which goes through techniques for making it easier to shop for foundation. I know from experience how daunting it can be & not wanting to waste money on the wrong one especially the expensive ones.

What’s your favourite foundation? Any wedding day make-up tips I would love to know too x

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