White Chocolate Montagne Jeunesse Mask

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White Chocolate Mask

When I was in Co-op a few weeks back they had sets of the Montagne Jeunesse face masks in packs of 5 for just £2.99 which is a bit of a bargain. The set I chose was the chocolate masks as I have a bit of a sweet tooth so why not treat my face too.

Deep cleanse your skin with our White Chocolate face masque as part of your regime for a radiant, glowing complexion. Smells so yum please don’t be tempted to eat! Allow the Cocoa Butter, rich Cream and moisturising Jojoba to leave your skin deep cleansed & as smooth as the softest cream.- Montagne Jeunesse

I decided to try this one out when I realised I had burned my nose, this ones for normal,combination and dry skin. OK so I was a little disappointed at the mask as it didn’t really smell of white chocolate, it was more like a milky cream kinda scent. Not off-putting and preferable if you don’t like a strong scent. The first thing I noticed is it was super thick but very smooth and it made it easy to apply as it didn’t run everywhere. Seen as I needed the hydration I put it all on in a very thick layer. I left mine for a good 20 until it had dried and then rinsed it off slowly. I took a little time but with a flannel and warm water it wasn’t much hassle.

Did White Chocolate Work?

As far as deep cleaning goes my skin did feel very clean but I get blackheads often and they rarely disappear. This did however offer a lot of moisture so much that the flakes on my burnt nose were gone by the next morning and it wasn’t sore anymore. This over other face masks felt comfortable because it was so thick it didn’t stop me doing other things while it was on. I would definitely recommend it for dry skin gals that need a boost.

Montagne Jeunesse White Chocolate Face Mask £1