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Where Is My Mind #15 – Healthy Eating & Netflix

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This week has been a freaking hot one I swear I nearly died at work on Wednesday. I’m stood in the corner on a huge warehouse building, all the doors were open including the shutter doors that go up to the ceiling & their was no breeze it was like a green house. My CNC lathe was kicking heat out just running but then I’d have to open the door & the water inside was steaming! Yes I’m complaining about the sun! I’m just not a fan of humid hot can’t sleep in it weather. I’ll be the first to say I love Autumn & bring on some Winter snow. But enough of that, where is my mind this week…

Is This Health Eating?

where is my mind 15 - health

Right now this is the top of my freezer & the top draw of my freezer is full of frozen fruit. I think I’m getting on with my smoothie addiction pretty well. Except for an epic I want Chinese fail last night. You know that the last ever take-away I’ll ever have Chinese! However I lasted a whole week without Chocolate & rarely snacked other than smoothies. The week before was a bit of a how much milk can we blend into ice series which was refreshingly cold but I think it cause some bloating. I’ve now changed tack & bought almond milk which I like, coconut water (yet to try) didn’t realize how much sugar is in that one & Cherry Good Light for the morello cherries we bought. My fella whose half getting into it I bought mousses which he can blitz into milk drinks which are still better than what he would have had. He has smoothies too but he still not convinced that the kale I’ve been adding to mine has no flavour. I expect kale to be expensive, it’s not and that it would taste like grass, it doesn’t. Do I know yet why it’s healthy? No, but I’m going to find out as I know it’s good for your eyes so it’s not doing any harm adding it in. I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t eat it as it is or in stir frys, I’m picky that way!

Other than this we eat the same meals we would normally & I’m trying to do Weight Watchers Pro Points at the same time. However some things I’m not sure on with health. Is there a max number of bananas you should eat in a week? I don’t add any juices but can the fruit be also too much sugar? What alternatives should I use? If any of this rings a bell & you can help me out, please comment below & let me know.

Netflix Loves

orange is the new black

After adding Netflix back onto the Xbox we quickly made out way through Orange Is The New Black Season 3. Don’t let the first few episodes put you off the rest it’s a bit of a slow starter but it get’s quickly back into the swing of it. It makes you laugh & cry in almost every episode you can get lost in how much you can feel for each of them. My favourite characters were Big Boo & Pennsatucky because both their past & present stories were heartbreaking & hopeful.


I was not expecting to enjoy this quite as much as I have done. Mr Selfridge is a period style drama but has some umpf to it. I’ve loved the story line but I think I’ve fallen in love with the store more for seeing it’s roots. Simple things such as make-up not been allowed on counters along with perfume being a ladies secret weapon. I think everyone falls for Agnes Towlers character because she the second main story line aside from Mr Selfridge. I’ve only seen 2 seasons but got through them in the last two weeks! Can’t wait for the third to get on Netflix already!


This is the reason that Netflix always wins, its original series just get better. I (don’t judge me) liked the Daredevil film along with Elektra too! However this is about a million times better already. I’m completely twisted on this story though & if you watch it you will be too. I kinda think that Wilson Fisk is my favourite character because his back story. You get a chance & want to side with him on certain things. I love that he’s played by Vincent D’Onofrio who is better known for being Private Pyle in Full Metal Jacket. You just don’t forget those sad eyes & I recognised them straight away, it’s what makes him great he can go from sad to I’m going to kill you angry in under 3 seconds. Let’s not forget Daredevil himself & his trusty sidekick Foggy who I also love too he’s the moral voice in the series keeping his friend from going too far without even knowing it. I’ll just finish with…

Watch It! Watch It! Watch It!

So that’s my absolutely boring hot attempt to be healthy & watch way too much TV at the same time? Hows your week been? I’m guessing more exciting than mine?

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