Where Is My Mind #8 – Caitlin Moran & Wedding Stuff!

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I seem to be having a bit of a tizzy (crazy) moment this week. It’s getting out of control which is one of the things I really can’t deal with. To the depths of my madness I thought I’d sort through a few of my thoughts here by letting the madness out of the box , so to speak (write)!

Wedding Rubbish!

My wedding obsession is in a love hate spiral! I want things to look right & be happy with the results but then I’m stressing over every little thing. I just wish I could enjoy it and not feel lost about it. I want to get married but I can totally relate to those who elope. When Tati on YouTube decided to I can see the up side in doing so. It will get easier I’m just not at that point yet, if after the wedding anyone is wanting to know how it all came together I will try to post about it just drop me a comment! By the way it’s a Halloween wedding but not anyway tacky! I’ve also been a little inspired to wear Dr Martens weather that’s boots or heels is another matter but it does lead me to my next bit…

Caitlin Moran

Where is my mind #8 - how-to-build-a-girl-caitlin-moran

On a lighter happier note I’m utterly addicted to Caitlin Moran’s latest book. How To Build A Girl is one of those that should be mandatory for teenage girls because it’s so relatable. That in mind I thought the same after reading How to Be A Woman. What’s bugging me is it’s fiction but a lot of the plot is clearly based on things Caitlin Moran has done. There’s nothing wrong with this but I’m finding it hard to separate fact & fiction. The character is so believable that it’s messing with my head a little. If you’re a fan of Lena Dunham especially Girls the tv show you could mistake this book for being something Hannah would write. Oh last but not least, it’s going to be turned into a film & I can’t agree more that Ellen page would be perfect for that role. I’s discussed in Marie Clair February issue if you’re interested in knowing more about Caitlin & her sister Caz!

Blogging Fail!

This is going to be a bit of an off week so apologies! I did a whole host of blog pictures last weekend & had a minor melt down yesterday when they all looked like rubbish. I had a oh shit moment & it haste deleted them all, I’d rather not post something I wasn’t happy with! I feel like my blogs improoving but slowly as work & wedding stuff has gotten in the way. Rather than researching things I want to buy or remembering to use face mask I’m searching out things like favours & bridesmaid dresses. It’s fun until you get to page 15 of a million on google search & still haven’t found anything!

Hows your week going?

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