Where Is My Mind #5 – All About That Ass… Mostly

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Yes a strange title indeed but it makes perfect sense when I explain the randomness that’s been floating through this noggin (head) of mine!.

The Bass!

Firstly I’m completely addicted to listening to Meghan Trainor a recent newbie to the music world. I’m wonderfully amused by the new song she has called Lips Are Moving. It’s super catchy and a perfect stop bull shitting me kinda song. That and the video below has bloggers in it, even I was excited by that. Bogging is crawling its way into dare I say it, the (real) non-digital world. I’m happy to say Zoe Sugg (aka Zoella) has a book out called Girl Online & more will join her including Fleur De Force & Tanya Burr too.

Baby It’s Cold Outside. Your Telling Me!

I little mini rant it’s been freezing at work at least in the morning. Standing next to a machine all day which luckily kicks a lot of heat out is useful but not how to start your day. I think it was last week when I saw the sky, by sky I mean above the clouds as there’s been this crazy thick fog everywhere. Oh and my skin hates me I have one of those spots where it’s been hurting my chin and it’s not even up yet.

Kim Kardashian & It’s All About That Ass

I’ve come to a conclusion over the Kim Kardashian and that rear of hers. We’ve all seen the photos from Paper magazine where she’s oiled up & butt naked. Well I think we need to give the girl a break & stop hating on her for it. We don’t all go crazy every time another lads mag comes out full of nude women so why the fuss? She chose to do it & it’s not like she’s short on cash. It all comes down to choice. Whether we think of it as tasteful or simply porn we all have a choice to look at it or not.

I do think there is a better way though, she didn’t need air brushing which is what makes it so wrong for me personally. Her waist is cinched in, her bum has been been made larger than even she’s famous for and even her skin colour has been altered whether to seem more natural or not. I think it would have gained more support from women if it was the original. She’s just as beautiful & it would have been a  positive message to everyone everywhere. Nobody is perfect, even Kim Kardashian. Everyone is human, that’s why beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


Geeking Out Watching Gotham

Let’s avoid just saying how good Ben McKenzie (James Gordon) looks in a suit is & get into the fact that this is a completely addictive prequel to Batman. The old school vibe sets this apart from the films with all the loved characters at a younger age. The girl in me can’t wait to see what trashy garb Fish Mooney (Jaden Pinkett Smith) is wearing. I always think of the words of Debbie Jellinsky in The Addams Family “it’s so tight”. It’s dark, evil & I love the bad guys the most, my favourite being The tech guy at the station ( ahem obviously The Riddler) no spoilers it’s there from the first time you see him with Penguin a close second. Oh and lets not forget Bruce & Alfred who have perfect chemistry I hope they explain more about Alfred’s background.

What’s been on your mind this week?