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Where is My Mind #3 – Peaky Blinders & Feminism

I finally found out who sings the song Drops Of Jupiter & it’s a band I already love.

Train have only just made in really big here in the UK in the last year. I just love everything they’ve brought out. I’ve liked all their new music but didn’t know way back in 2001 it was also Train. Mind Blown!


Something a little different but it put a my faith back in humanity when I see things like this. This was when Emma Watson who has become a UN Woman Goodwill Ambassador made a speech on equality with the #heforshe campaign. This caused great discussion across social media but when a 15-year-old boy wrote a letter to The Telegraph explaining his point of view it made its own news story. This was originally in the Telegraph news paper but can be view online here. If you didn’t know it you’d assume it was by somebody older but that’s part of the equality situation it’s everyone. Take the time to read it because it restores my faith that things are changing for the better little by little.

cillian murphy peaky blinders
How to make a Brummie accent make you weak at the knees. The bad guy you love to love & hate even more.

So this is a random one, I think men can look awesome with a beard. Not the I can’t be arsed to shave type or even the styled to within a millimetre of it being exactly perfect. A little disheveled just suits some people well. When I saw this photo of Tom Hardy I was just shocked they managed to make him even hotter than before.

Peaky-Blinders-2 where is my mind 3
Hmmm , sex on legs no really I like him for his mind too , oh and that voice!

Maybe a little cleaner he would be perfect but then again he is playing a part as the new guy in town on Peaky Blinders. Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy in the same BBC drama both on the wrong side of the law set in Brummie land (Birmingham, Uk) in the 1920s. No don’t watch this just because of them but it doesn’t harm it & Peaky Blinders is well worth watching. This is the second season to make sure you catch up before getting into it. By the way I heard recently that Netflix will be or has the first season so you can catch up with it there.

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