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Where Is My Mind 2 – Tv, Songs & Blurry Days

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This week I’m having a revival of Ally McBeal it’s all nostalgic watching season one still filmed in square. On Tuesday this got stuck on repeat in my head when Radio 2 played the ugachaca song that’s all the way through Ally Mcbeal when the dancing baby appears.

If ya didn’t know like me it’s Blue Swede – Hooked On A Feeling.

I’ve been having a complete mare with spots on my chin that refuse to clear up. I don’t know if they are the same ones or just new ones keep appearing but its annoying.

After buying an overnight face mask I’ve Googled multiple times about them and found very few answers. If you can help please comment or tweet me. Do you apply anything between cleanser and the mask other than an eye cream ? Is it an alternative to a serum at night? Do you apply anything on top of the mask after as to me this seems pointless… I’m so confused.

where is my mind 2 - eye patch

Then over the weekend I’ve been basically DOA! I spent 3-4 hours in A & E to get my eye checked as there was something stuck in my eye. I then got told yesterday that it hadn’t all been gotten out and I had to have the eye doctor scrape across my eye with a needle. Yes my eye was numbed but hell that’s scary when you have that done. When I was done I was lucky enough that my fell had his sunglasses that I could nab as everything felt super bright. To top it all off I get to put ointment 4 times a day in my eye that after applying makes everything blurry and you can then taste it afterwards, yuk! I’ve already had the eye eye captains I wonder what jokes I’ll get tomorrow at work!

I’ve bearably managed to get through the day having come across a new addiction¬†White Collar which is available on Amazon Instant & Netflix. This is all thanks to Through The Looking Glass and Down The Rabbit Hole¬†click her link and read all about White Collar. Let’s just all sigh and be happy about how good that man looks in a suit. I’ve just got through Season 1 over the weekend & can’t wait to watch some more.