Where Is My Mind #14 – Youtube Lovin, Life & Lipstick Disaster!

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This week has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions where I just can’t get my feet back on the ground. I’ve had wedding fails but fixed, Youtube addictions who else could hold me captivated for a whole hour ? Then there was shopping fun last Sunday which has turned into a minor blogger nightmare. These things are small but in my world they’re huge & I’m going a little off the deep end of crazy!

What A Week!

Sali Hughes in the bathroom with Caroline Hirons

Let’s start with a recent Youtube video that was just wonderful to watch. When I saw a few weeks ago that Sali Hughes would be doing her “In The Bathroom With…” Youtube video with skincare royalty Caroline Hirons I swear too of my favourite things merged into a blissful hour yesterday morning! Love both of them & this is only Part One, it barely scratches the surface of her skincare hording dream home. What it does do is give an insightful look into how Caroline Hirons came to be where she is & how she got there. The Chantecaille story was so interesting & kinda like fate happening. That & how gorgeous is her front room? Only she can pull of that red in a room then still look more glowy & radiant.

Wedding Dress Back & Forth

As a plus size bride I could get a normal dress but I’m really not the white dream wedding girl. I’m getting something made but deciding on materials has gone full circle back to what I originally choose. I’m sticking with it & fully embracing my darker quirky side. I just have to go with my gut on this & get on with it a I only have 5 months to go!

Mock The Week – 10 Years On


This is one of my favourite comedy game shows ever! If that’s what you can call it. For British viewers you likely know who these guys are. If not it’s a two teams of three show consisting completely of comedians. Dara Ó Briain (the fella in the middle of the photo) has the most lovely Irish accent, decides who answers to the most random questions gets the points. Who is funniest? Usually who is most sarcastic or mean about politicians or celebrities! It’s all based around the new from the week just gone & I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. I love that it’s a way for lesser known comedians to break out onto TV & get their own jokes out their. Do you ever wonder where Russell Howard came from? If you want more of an idea look at this Mock The Week Pintrest board with highlights from past season.

Harvey Nichols Lipstick Blogger Disaster

Sounds like a bit of a crazy title but as a beauty blogger I’ve never felt so heart-broken about a beauty item. I bought it last week in Leeds a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick which was in a haul last week.We went to Leeds that day to go back to the Charlotte Tilbury counter as we don’t have one where I live. I’m talking well over an hour to get there by train & there was even delays as engineering works were on then. I went, I bought the lipstick I wanted & came home. I managed to get a photo of the box for the haul as there was no natural light left by the time we got back. I used the flash on the camera so couldn’t do good product photos so I left it until this morning to even open it. It was only then did I notice the box had clearly already been opened as it was damaged. I thought that’s ok I can live with that it’s just the box even as a beauty blogger I can put up with that. I opened it up admired the tube it its rose gold glory to find the bullet was damaged at the tip of the bullet. I happened to look at the end where the information is tipping it up the bullet wasn’t even stuck in, not even attached into the tube which is why it’s damaged as its free from the tube. I was so overly saddened by this but now I don’t know what to do. I’ve emailed Harvey Nichols but I can’t afford to go back in time to see if they will replace it. It’s not like I live close by or even a bus ride it’s a whole other city. I know £23 may not be much to most bloggers but it was a big spend for me. I had saved the money up to go & get it in person & now I can’t even use it. I don’t think it’s a staff thing but more of a product fault than anything. I look at it & I’m just sad. I will let you know next week if it gets resolved or not?

So that’s been my week really or the bits that have stood out the most to me. Hope yours was better, let me know below what you’ve gotten up to this week. Any new beauty buys?