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Where Is My Mind #13 – My Skincare Woes, Can You Help Me?

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It’s just been one of those weeks that have been up & down for me especially trying to plan a wedding at the same time as blogging here & working too it’s hectic. It maybe what’s causing my skin to have a melt down so maybe a chilled weekend is what I need.

WIMM #13

Skincare Help

make up pimples

Over the last week or so my skin has been all kinds of crazy. I recently started getting blackheads, just on my temples & right at the edges of my brows. Then as if that wasn’t enough I got little bumps around each black head making something I could hide into what is in the above photo. You can’t win with spots when they appear inĀ 3D! I’m putting it down to a possible skincare reaction to a serum I recently started using. I can’t say if for sure but it’s the only thing I’ve changed recently. Can anybody make a suggestion as to what else it could be? It possibly could be down to my seriously poor eating habits which I need to reign in again. I did wonder if it was the hair dying experimenting but it’s not caused issue before so I’m ruling that out myself. I’m going to try said serum again tonight so I can tell for sure as I stopped using it & it has gone down but I also used an over night mask that may have helped it too. It’s weird as I’ve always had blackheads but never to this extent in places I usually don’t get them!

skin care funny

This just made me smile though, I can’t help but picture it as something Caroline Hirons would say!

Weddings, Bridesmaids & The Dress!

wedding pinspiration

I’m going round in circles with wedding arrangements & I’m the only one going crazy. Everyone else just tells me to stop worrying & that everything is going to be OK! I’m like the military or my dad I want to know when, who & how everything will go down on the day. I’m not worried over specific napkins or little things like that but more that everyone will enjoy it & be comfortable on the day. It’s a budget wedding to the point where I can’t even afford a photographer & I’m honestly fine with it because it’s just one day. My major splurge is my dress which is going to be handmade for me but still won’t be that expensive compared with me walking into a wedding dress shop & picking one out. It’s not a standard wedding were doing it on Halloween but not “themed” in a specific way just certain shades. If you want a little idea about it my Save The Date cards are up on my Tarte Blush post as it also relates to it. I just want it to be a fun day, that’s it!

So that was basically my week in a nutshell, please let m know if yours is going better? That and any suggestions on what to do with my skin would be super helpful too by leaving me a comment below.