Where Is My Mind #12 – Mad Max & More

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This is my little piece of my blog where I let you in on the random things that have happened recently. My life is random so Where Is My Mind can be a mix of fave TV shows, mini hauls or simply a spot to rant about pretty much anything. If I’ve found something new I’m liking or clearly spending too much time on Pinterest then that could be in there too. Try not to judge too much! Disclaimer – My thoughts are my own & there not exactly normal ones.

The Pool & Imperator Furiosa

This may be a terrible thing to admit but I haven’t seen the first three Mad Max films. However I’m intending to fix that over the coming week because I thought it was brilliant. I’ll not go to much into it other than suggest to go read the article that convinced me to see it over on The Pool site. The post is Mad Max: Fury Road is a brilliant celebration of women’s power. Charlize Theron really does steal the thunder in this film & gives a whole new meaning to girl power! This may be Mad Max’s world but were not in his story he’s just along for the very bumpy ride.

mad max-Main-Poster

As for The Pool it’s the ultimate women’s website, written by many talented writers including Sali Hughes , Lauren Lavern & many more. Below is the Manifesto for the website which really does explain what it’s all about. If your interested then try the Mad Max link above the photo, they also have content on Youtube which is some of the best I’ve watched in a long time.

The Pool makes interesting, inspiring, original content for busy women. We broadcast throughout the day (and night!), making sure our output is relevant to where you are and what you’re doing. You’ll find everything, from people and politics to film, fashion and food. We work with a select group of brand partners to make some of our unique content, which means access is always free. This content is always clearly marked. We’re positive and honest online allies. A pool of women like you – who actually like you – bringing you the pass notes on the day. 

Mini Make-up Haul

Now for a while I’ve not done much make-up which is pretty crappy from a beauty bloggers but I’m just finding my feet again with what I want as opposed to what I think I should be buying. I want to show you make-up I want to use & that I enjoy I think it’s too easy to get caught up in keeping up with other bloggers. At a time where I’m low in cash my Wedding has taken priority in most things. On the positive side I’ve found some really affordable budget make-up gems.

where is my mind 12 - haul

I got a few pieces from Essence in their new I Love Nude collection. I’ve picked up two eyeshadows that are for a simple everyday eye look & a mauve nude lipstick. I used the eyeshadows this morning & was pretty impressed with them but I was even more so with the eyeshadow brush which is super soft synthetic brush. You can see from the angled eyeliner brush they’ve updated the look of the brushes since that was out. They are cheap but the new designs makes them look adorable. Overall the Essence brand which is exclusive to Wilkinson’s is really bringing it with lots of choice & interesting new bits.

I also went into Superdrug & got some Nyc make-up. A lipstick which I’m in two minds will suit me it’s a very girly pink shade & their waterproof mascara which I also wore today & was impressed with it, for a £2 mascara it held its own & didn’t smudge on me!

I think Sunday will be mainly a day of rest, by that I mean a lie in & then lots of blog photos to get done ready for the week. I guess that is how I rest though when I’m not at work it’s my little piece of the world where I can just be me. Let me know below what you’ve gotten up to this weekend?