Where Is My Mind #11 – Henrietta Lacks & Youtube Loves

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Let’s just say this weeks been an odd one of sorts. I finished a book that I didn’t even know anything about, I got Tonsilitis which made me both productive at odd hours in the morning & sleep entire afternoons away. It’s just been odd, really odd because we also watched the Odd Thomas a film based on a series of books that I now wish to read again, I think it will be the next set I read.

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks

the immortal life of henrietta lacks

If it wasn’t for Rebecca Skloot I wouldn’t have even known Henrietta existed. I woman forgotten in time because it was always her cells that were more important. Ask anybody who works in a medical profession about her and few will know her, mention her cells being immortal & likely hood is they’ll call her HeLa. Without giving the story away her immortal cells helped cure Polio, develop chemotherapy treatments & advance medical understanding to this day. What this book tells unlike many others is who Henrietta was, where she came from & how science has changed because of her. I have loved every bit of this book because it adds heart to a story that needs it so we understand where it all started.

Youtube Loves


If you’re not subscribes to Sali Hughes YouTube channel your missing out. My favourite video’s she does are the In The Bathroom With… series. Her most recent one is with Val Garland an amazing make-up artist. Known across the world for working with Mac on multiple campaigns she’s a fearless rule breaker & always brings a new edge to her work. Delve a little deeper into her life, skincare, hair care & personal make-up kit with the added knowledge that Sali Hughes brings & lots of product recommendations. They’re the kind of videos you need a nice hot drink,a few digestives & somewhere to get comfortable. Part one is about 18 minutes long & Part 2 is 49 minutes long, it will be the best use of your time that day!

If that’s not enough Val for you there’s also another interview done by Sam & Nick Chapman (Pixiwoo) who are the women behind Real Techniques brushes. Their #TuesdayChats videos are brilliant & what’s more they also did one with Sali Hughes which was great

Hope everyone is having a relaxed Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday even the bloggers out there deserve a rest! My day will be filled with lots of TV  & more Youtube videos to catch up on. What are you up to today?

Jess x