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WIMM #10 – Red Hair Don’t Care! Taylor Taylor Sheffield

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If you don’t know or can’t tell because you’re new to this blog I’ve decided to change-up my hair. To see it before see my Dramatic Pinks #fotd post from Friday. This is one random thing that has gone through my mind I decided to change.

Where Is My Mind #10

Red Hair Dont Care - cut colour - mi

Red Hair Don’t Care


When I started blogging a few years back I never did much more than straighten my hair. I had it cut less than once a year & but often dyed it at home with random outcomes. I had a crazy teen phaze of dying it permanently black, repeatedly which when I came to bleach it for the first time half my hair broke off! I then did semi-permanent Directions dyes on top in Alpine Green, Apple Green, Atlantic Blue, Dark Tulip, Lagoon Blue Midnight Blue, Plum Rose Red & Violet. Then I got bored of cleaning stained baths, lino, tiles & my pillows & turned to permanent dyes again. Stay away from the XXL dyes if you have previously dyed your hair you end up with random roots & dark lengths that just seem darker. My best find was John Freida Precision Foam colour the easiest mess free dye kit that I went back to time & again & it came with decent gloves & a conditioner than was wonderful.

In The Last Few Years

I really do think that finding a hairdresser that listens & gives you what you ask for is key especially as I hated having it cut when I was little. I was so scared someone would mess it up that I didn’t trust anyone to do it. Now I’ll be very honest & say when I first went to Taylor Taylor is was because my fella had his hair done at the Mens salon & he’s almost as picky as me. When I first went it was with a different hairdresser to the one I go to now & they did a good job but didn’t listen to what I asked for. I needed to be able to tie my hair up for work without any bits of hair falling in my face. He cut the layers at the front too short and funnily enough I never had it done by that hairdresser again. I didn’t go back for at least 6 months.


Fast forward to now & I’m having it cut about every 8 weeks & recently started getting¬†it coloured. I always get it done by the same hairdresser because I’m always happy with the results. Shes slowly built up the colour in my hair from starting with a black cherry/plum shade then we went with brighter tones which looked great but wasn’t enough. So I took the plunge yesterday & went red. I’m terrible for changing my mind on things. Last time I said I was growing my hair for the wedding but decided to chop it off to just past my shoulders. I wasn’t interested for the last 8 weeks in going really red but then Friday I changed my mind & asked for it to be lightened with bleach. The lightening was a little scary as it came out like a light ginger shade. Once the red mix went on it was fine but it developed really dark almost black, boy was I wrong! She blow dryed it & as you can see from above it’s very red. Once it was cut I just couldn’t believe she’d managed it, I even asked for the side to be cut in more & she did it. I love going to Taylor Taylor for my hair to be done. I won’t lie it’s not cheap but what you get for it is quality. There seems to be a real sense of friends between the hairdressers & even when they’re busy everyone helps each other.

It took about 3 hours in total to lighten, colour & cut my hair by Faye at Taylor Taylor Sheffield & cost ¬£92.55 which is a fair amount of money but I couldn’t be more happy with it.

What do you think of my red hair make over? What colours are you thinking of going this Spring/Summer?

Jess x