Where Is My Mind 1 – Saying Goodbye To Mrs Doubtfire

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This will be my little space for dropping all the random thoughts I’ve had recently. What I’ve been obsessing about or just random thoughts I want to get out there into the world. A little piece of the crazy that’s going on in my head.

1) It all started with ViviannaDoesMakeup doing a Hair101 tutorial. This developed into me attempting to do curls & waves in my hair. Later this turned into looking at 1940s vintage curl tutorials on Youtube, lots of them. I finally cracked it this week and did a pretty alright job of it with my Ghds finally. See  Pink & Curls – Fotd

Having a serious craving to watch Orange Is The New Black all over again. I have the opening soundtrack stuck in my head. Can’t decide if it’s driving me nuts or not that it’s gonna be ages until the next season. Loving that she’s on the front cover of Julys Allure magazine. If you are as crazy about this as me let me know, to keep yourself amused untill next season follow I_threw_my_pie_for_you_ on instagram.

robin williams - collage

Robin Williams, what more can I say other than he will be greatly missed. We were only watching Robots last week and it’s strange to think that there won’t be more films with him in. I’ve grown up watching Hook every single Christmas it’s a tradition that will carry on. Over the weekend we have gone through Mrs Doubtfire because my jaw dropped when my fella said he hadn’t watched it. We sorted that one out and it’s even more funny watching it as an adult. Then we went on to his favourite Good Morning Vietnam which is serious funny and completely sad as well. Then we went for one more and choose Bicentennial Man which completely hit a nerve, tissues were brought out at the end.

Along the vintage feel to this week I’ve been loving listening to Paloma Faiths new album A Perfect Contradiction. It just has so much soul to it and I just can’t get enough of it even if I can’t sing.