What’s On My Bed Side Table?

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whats on my bed side table

So this is my bed side table with what I try to always keep at hand so when I’m being lazy everything I could need in that time is already waiting for me. I’ve just got back into burning candles and I’m liking the new Merry Marshmallow tester by Yankee Candles , it’s a subtle sweet scent that’s very relaxing on these cold nights. I try to keep at least one lip balm as well as winter wreaks havoc with my lips drying and making them crack so for now The Body Shop Plum Lip Balm is being used several times a night love as I can’t get enough of it. Then whenever I have a shower I always keep a body butter at the moment that’s the Nip + Fab Coconut Latte as its super moisturizing and sinks in quickly along with The Body Shop Peppermint Foot Lotion as I can’t stand my feet feeling dried out and they really do need the tlc after being on them all day. I’ve been giving m hands and especially my nails extra attention too as they are peeling a bit again so I’m dosing them with the Nu Nail Cream Strengthener and my hands are kept soft with the Soap and Glory Hand Food as I only like to use this over night as it can be too greasy for day use. Last but not least are my Starbucks coffee cup I use to put tea bags in and my Nightmare Before Christmas glass for cold drinks. I’ve been trying to keep my bed side table more clutter free so that I can make my bed room more relaxing to be in when it comes to getting a decent nights sleep and hoping this will help facilitate that.

I have noticed I’m missing a face cream as I seem to have run myself down to just my Organic Surge dry skin cream which I keep downstairs. So with that in mind if anyone has a good suggestion I’d love to hear it as I’m not quite sure where to start.