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What’s In My Bits & Bobs Bag – My Everyday Essentials

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This whole What’s in my hand bag posts are a favourite of mine to read but I don’t own any designer bag or many carry interesting things. I feel like the odd blogger out as I have no portable charger for an iPhone as my Htc One doesn’t die that often. I own two handbag style bags of which I rarely use. One a Vans Hobo Bag for nights out & my DC luggage bag for overnight stays. My main bag is another Vans one, a cross body bag which until I find something I like more will be sticking around. My sister is hoping I find something new so she can help to take it off my hands! It’s been two years of searching & still nothing beyond my wildest dreams of a Marc Jacob bag have turned into a purchase.

Bits & Bobs Bag

However I now have a Lulu Guinness make-up pouch which I love to death. It’s too small to fit all my make-up in it & so for a while got left on a shelf displayed but unused. In a bid to not waste it I now have it permanently in my bag with the bits & bobs that are my essentials.

My Essential Bits

Firstly I can’t leave the house without some form of lip balm otherwise they become chapped & sore. At the moment I’m using a Simple lip balm it has spf 20 in it, not that we need that in Britain right now! However it does the job of protecting my lips from the harsh weather we are having.

My next piece which is a new one but a more economical & more environmentally friendly version of the throw a ways. My Leighton Denny Glass nail file, a Christmas present from my mum who is great at picking things like this. It’s a little strange as I’m used to the wooden ones but it’s so handy to have & lasts longer. I’m really trying to take care of my nails at the moment & I’m always breaking or chipping them at work.

I always have to keep a hand cream in my bag which is usually The Body Shop Almond one which I like even more now they’ve fixed the tube. At the moment though it’s the L’occitane Dry Skin hand cream. It doesn’t smell as nice as the other, it’s much thicker & you have to spend longer rubbing it in but it’s perfect for Winter. I’m forever washing my hands at work so they get dry fast but this seems to protect them for longer. It’s so hydrating & I don’t feel like I have sticky hands after applying it. I think this will likely get repurchased as I think they’re completely worth it. It comes in 30ml tube for £8.

An item I’ve talked to death about is the Mac Studio Fix + Powder, it’s my go to touch up powder on the go. I like that it has a mirror & I even the puff that comes with it gets used. I like that it can be built up for coverage or just oil control.

Which leads me to my next product which is not in use but stays in this bag permanently. This is the Essence Matt! Oil Control paper which is obviously for warmer months & does the job as good as the more expensive ones. I just keep it here otherwise I’d remove it then lose it.

The Switched Out Weekly Bobs

What's In My 'Bits & Bob's' Bag - My Everyday Essentials - lipsticks


These are usually make-up pieces depending on what look I’ve pulled together that week. I try to take whichever lipstick I’ve used as well for emergency top ups. There are three that I seem to always have in as well. An often used lip shade is Sex Machine (I cringe at that name every time). It’s a Nars Velvet matte pencil in a pale pink it has glitter in it but don’t let that put you off as it just add dimension to the colour and not be a flat matte colour. It was my go to nude lip colour for when I do strong eyes, lasts a long time & easy to reapply.

Next is my new nude, Macs Patisserie a pink with a peachy tone to it. This is a lustre finish so it has shimmer in it & a glossy look to it. This is a nice creamy lipstick which doesn’t last long, only a few hours but another one that’s simple to top up.

Last but not least is Clinique’s Almost Lipstick in Black Honey. This is my moisturising shade, it has colour that’s sheer but can be built up. It’s like the original version to the Clarins Lip Perfector Balms, from swatches I’ve seen I think this has more colour to it which I prefer.

What are the lipsticks you rely on most? What are your essentials?

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