Weekend – Haircut, Miners and Hendersons

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weekends me- taylor taylor hair cut

So after a long three second though last week I decided my hair needed to be chopped off. The soonest appointment that was feasible was yesterday and away I went. Let’s just say if I didn’t do it on the spur of the moment I’d have changed my mind. It’s just too hot though and this was the weekend I became a little more daring and when she asked what length this is what I choose. I had my hair cut and blow dried at Taylor Taylor and I’m pretty sure the hairdresser wasn’t expecting to spend so much time just drying it. I asked for long layers with the shortest part still being able to tie up for work. I’m happy with the results and its so much lighter and cooler. It was £34 and took about an hour and 20 minutes to do. It scarily looks even shorter though when I’ve washed it as it’s even more wavy at this length.

weekend Miners Cosmetics - 1

Afterwards I went up to Broomhill in Sheffield where Ross ( “the man of the house” ) was getting his hair cut at Hair By Christmas. Also on the theme of cooler hair in summer he’s had a mawhawk done again. Looks good on him, only downside is I’m the one that has to style it for him. Good side is when meandering round Broomhill we popped in a pharmacy of all places and found a Miners Cosmetic stand. Other than Doncaster House Of Fraser Clearance shop have I seen this much Miners cosmetics. Can’t wait to go back and get some more bits.

weekend Miners Cosmetics - 2

Meet my new purchase, a Miners Matte Effect Lipstick in the shade Vixen which was a hefty £3.99. I swatched loads of the bits they had but this stood out the most. The lip paints look interesting and I’d like to try the bronzers and eyeshadows too.

weekend Miners Matte Effect Lipstick

Like it wasn’t a hot enough weekend we decided to walk back into town and having walked past this building a million times I needed to get a photo. I’m not sure how much longer it will be there as a lot of development it going up around it and it’s only a matter of time before they will take this too. It’s the old Henderson’s Relish factory which is famous in Sheffield and it’s a little bit of nostalgia every time I see it.

weekend Hendersons Relish Sheffield