Vitamin E Classic ‘V’ Intense Moisturiser The Body Shop

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As you can see these too are pretty well used, i’m going to say within a week or two they will be empty.

But will they be repurchased?

The Body Shop Vitamin e moisturizer and intense 2

The Body Shop Vitamin e range is always going to be here nor there for me. Whenever I open a sample in store and give it a smell it’s that which puts me off buying it. I actually got the Vitamin e moisture cream passed on from my mum as she got it as a freebie with an online order. I needed a moisturizer at the time around the new year so I gave this a go. It took a few days to get past the scent but using it is quite nice , it spreads out nicely and doesn’t feel greasy. On the other hand it’s made for all skin types and for the main part of my face this is fine but I do have dry patches and some psoriasis ( super dry skin) on my eyebrows and this for me does not hydrate enough to last a full day at work. So for this I wouldn’t repurchase but if you do have normal skin then it could worth a try. It’s £10 for 50 ml and I would say with day and night use would last between 6 to 8 weeks.

The intense version I got as a sample in-store and as it was only a sample I just used it on my eyebrows as they are the problem area I have. The first thing I noticed was it doesn’t have the classic Vitamin e scent and doesn’t smell of anything at all. This is much thicker and more like a body butter texture. I’ve applied this to my eyebrows every morning and night for the last 6 weeks so it really was a decent size sample but just used on a small area. This I would repurchase in the future and probably it would last me all year. It is super rehydrating and has even seemed to have more long-term effect on the patch of psoriasis making it much flatter and easier to apply make up over. At work it has stopped them becoming dry or itchy. For me this has given visible signs of improvement. The Vitamin e Intense Moisture Cream is £12 for 50 ml, this could be reasonably expensive for everyday use as much as the normal version is.

With that in mind I’ll be trying out the Superdrug version when I can find it in one of the many boxes still unpacked. If it isn’t up to scratch I will most likely go back to The Body Shop. If you see the sample pots in store and want to try something new out just ask a staff member and give it a go, you also get £3 off if you buy the full size but could always use it off something else if you wanted.