Used Up This Month – July Empties

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Used Up This Month - July Empties - mi

It seems like I’ve gone through mainly bath and shower stuff this month. With in being so hot I’ve been having more baths or the latest cool down was to lean over the bath and wash my hair with ice cold water. It sure did help keep me cool while I slept but meant I went through conditioner much quicker.

Used Up This Month

Badedas Shower Gel & Bath Foam

I have a feeling that if I do an empties every month then every other month there will be at least one item from the brand in it. I have Psoriasis and this is just the best thing for keeping it at bay without having to use prescribed stuff from the docs. It you want to know more I wrote about Badedas in more detail here. I’ve even bought the massive 750 ml bottle and 2 more of the shower gels since these above.

Herbal Essence Hello Hydration

When I got stuck for shampoo and conditioner about 4-5 weeks ago this was the only thing available in the local shop. It smells nice and it does clean but it just doesn’t have that extra umpf I’m looking for. I don’t expect miracles but this was a little bit meh.

Garnier Blends Conditioner – The Marvelous Transformer

This you will have seen in my July Favourites which kinda seems daft repeating my self so I’ll just say this is good stuff. Makes hair soft and smells gorgeous too.

Simple Soothing Balm and Roll On

These two I finished almost at the beginning of the month and I have been missing them since. I haven’t bought a new eye cream as I just can’t decide whether to get something different or not. When I did pop in to get them they had sold out. I’m guessing I’m not the only one that likes this simple solution. More detail can be found here on a more detail post.

Used Up By The Fella

Nuxe For Men Shower Gel 

This was a nice face wash and prefered it this way over being used for the body. It cleaned my ( fellas) beard well and felt soft afterwards. The smell is masculine without it being like Lynx or Old spice and only faintly lingers after use. For more info I posed on Nuxe for Men here.

Fat Face Hair & Body Wash

A good body wash but I wasn’t particularly keen on the smell but it did get my body clean. I’m usually sensitive to stuff and didn’t have any issues with this one. It’s one of those things where you can tell it was just an extra addition to fill space in the box set in cam in a Christmas, wasn’t special.