Urban Camoflage Part 2 – Flawed or Flawless Foundation

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These are the four Foundations (yes I know Dr Jarts is a BBalm) that I have used in the past 6 months switching between them as needs change. I think foundation is a very important part of make up as it brings together not just skin tone but also helps cover other issues like age spots, black and white heads (if you get them I know I do) and even help the skin out at the same time.

The Foundations – Shades


Revlon – Good for Dry SkinRevlon - Age Defying - Foundation

This is the Age Defying foundation , this is the American version that you can find at Xtras online for £6.50 the UK version is here on Boots for £13.99 but I can’t say it’s the exact same product. This is a foundation that I really enjoyed using, it is quite a thin liquid consistency and will drip but has a good medium coverage. It is easy enough to apply with just fingers and blended easily with no streaks. I used this for 2 or 3 months but found the shade I had picked had a pink base to it and even under powder looked too different to look natural. I also had a small issue where if it got too close to my eye it made it sting which is unusual as I’ve not reacted to any of the others so I had to stop using it.

Max Factor – The Camo Concept

Max Factor colour adapt

This is the Colour Adapt foundation in Creamy Ivory it is £9.99. This would be my go to for easy to use foundation. It does match with my skin tone but maybe a little bit lighter but not enough to look strange. It is a thick creamy texture but spreads out easily and leaves a velvety matte finish. It is non-comedogenic so it doesn’t clog your pores which I like. This is the second bottle I have bought because it is a light to medium coverage and it’s hard to go wrong with this one.

Dr Jarts – Summer Sun, Protection with Tint

Dr Jart

I bought this in summer ( that time around June) it was the few weeks where it was crazy hot on random days and full face make up was not wanted or needed. I wanted spf with a light coverage that could handle the heat. This is £18 for 50 ml but I did buy it at an introductory offer. I was deciding between four Dt Jart BBalms and I ended up going for the Water Fuse with spf 25. This was really hydrating and the tint suited my skin shade as I had caught the sun which is why I was happy with the spf built-in. I know it doesn’t have the coverage a foundation has but sometimes that’s not the requirement. I think for the size it’s good but I’m not sure I would replace it for the price and may look to other BBalms for summer.


Benefit – Would Be Great at Half the Price

benefit samples 3

This is actually a sample size I received a while back that I have used on and off called Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow . To buy it full price it is £25.50 and to be honest I don’t think I will be likely to purchase it myself. It has a medium cover and it easy to apply so there’s nothing wrong with it there. I just can’t see something special enough about it over another foundation half the price like the Max Factor. My other issue is there is only 9 shades and I am now paler than the lightest shade which is Ivory.