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Updated Skincare Routine – Dry Blemish Prone Skin

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Almost everything has changed in my skincare routine since I last did an update at the beginning of 2014. I like to chop & change because I haven’t found any holy grails yet. That’s not to say they were no good just that I’m a floozy when it comes to my skin. It’s a pretty simple routine & I’m hoping to add in a serum when I can afford too.

Updated Skincare Routine


The one I’ve used for a few weeks now is the Organic Surge Anti-Aging Hot Cloth cleanser. I initially bought this because it had a similar pump to the Ren Clear-Calm. The scent is orange & germanium making it quiet strong, I imagine some won’t like this. The cleanser is enjoyable to use it’s a thick white balmy cream. I apply it to dry skin & like to spend that extra 30 seconds massaging it into my skin until it’s almost clear. I’ve found it good for removing everything except for mascara but you can go over your eyes without it stinging. The downside is the packaging it’s slow to pump product out, then leaks extra after which ends up all over the lid which is wateful & looks  so messy. The opaque bottle is annoying as I don’t know how far I am from finishing it. It’s good but not great & the Superdrug Naturally Radiant hot cloth cleanser in comparison comes in a tube, is under a third of the price & I personally prefer that scent.

Blemish Treatment

This was a product I bought purely on Caroline Hirons recommendation in a YouTube video. The point being that salicylic acid is high up on the ingredients list in third place. Salicylic acid is great for getting rid of spots, yes it’s an acid & no it won’t melt your face off! These are the Clearasil Ultra Treatment Pads. I suggest when you open these for the first time to not go with your first instinct & sniff them. The whiff of alcohol may knock you out, but that’s about the only downside to them. I start with my most spotty areas nose & chine then I swipe over the rest for good measure. When I first used these my skin went quite red & there is a little stinging too but both fade quickly. What I did notice was over a week most yellow heads cleared up when I used them day & night, see as I’ve not had any since I just use them once a day. Purse friendly & good results!

My other one is a Murad Blemish Spot Treatment I picked up in T.K.Maxx. It’s normally £19 I got it for £4.99 as a cheaper replacement for my Origins On The Spot gel. I wanted to love this & for a few weeks it went rally well, just dabbing this on spots which did clear up well. However it didn’t stop new ones & didn’t feel as effective after I started with the Clearsil pads that worked better for me. It is more travel friendly but has an odd light sulphur smell & suggests you using it up to 3 times a day which is unlikely for me.

Eye Cream

I can agree with Sali Hughes (in Pretty Honest) that you could use a normal ant-ageing moisturiser here but my eyes water if I do. Rather than fine wrinkles I seem to have a deep crease under each of my eyes I think are caused by having Psoriasis ( dry flakey skin) come & go over the years. At the price I can afford I don’t expect miracles with these wrinkles, for me it’s all about hydrating the area so I can wear make-up. I found the original N07 eye cream good so I’m trying the N07 Protect & Perfect Intense Eye Cream now. This helps foundation & concealer to sit better without making it cling to the dry patches. It’s slowly helping to clear them up & has a light texture that sinks in nicely. What I would say is I can’t tell a difference between the normal & intense version other than it costing £1 more.

Day Cream

I’m fickle when it comes to products in this step, as long as it’s got spf & is hydrating enough I’m happy. At the moment I am enjoying the Botanics Brightening Moisturiser. I do prefer them to come in tubes for ease but this is in a dinky little pot that’s quite cute. It’s so annoying getting a giant pot like the Nivea or No7 brands & it’s all pot with the same weight in product. They’re almost always 50ml so why aren’t they the same size. My small bathroom window appreciates the smaller pots. The moisturiser is scented but one that I actually like, its thin texture is quick to apply & quick to sink it. This does leave a sheen to the skin, this may be an issue for others but for work I really don’t mind. For weekends it’s either make-up or lazily use Macs Studio Fix Powder Plus.

Extra Hydration

My day cream is great for my full face but I have Psoriasis in my eye brows with become flakey if I don’t use something heavier. To tackle this issue I use Garnier’s Moisture Match Ultra Hydrating Rich Cream. I’ve had this almost a year as I only use it sparingly on my brows, must pick a new one up soon. This keeps the troubled area at bay all way through a day’s work without me feeling like I want to itch at it. I wouldn’t use it all over as its balmy texture would feel greasy & this isn’t great for using if you’re doing make-up straight after.

Night Cream

I’ve just gotten through this pot of Yes To Carrots Intense Hydrating Night Cream & honestly it’s a bit blah. The cream is nice enough & suitable for sensitive skin. It’s 96% natural ingredients. fragrance free & sinks in quickly. Other than that I’m not sure, I would say it’s as hydrating as the day cream I use but not intensely hydrating. It also smells like E45 cream which puts me off a little, it’s a bit too clinical in scent.

What’s your favourite skincare products?

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