Undress Your Skin With Makeup Academy

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Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Foundation Porcelain

Budget Foundation Search Continues

Lately I’ve been testing the waters and trying more budget brand foundations to see what’s out there. I’ve tried other cosmetics from Makeup Academy so I picked up their Undress Your Skin illuminating foundation. I got this just after Christmas when it was on offer at £3 in Superdrug and it’s only £5 when not on offer. There is limited choice of just three shades, I’m pale so I went with Porcelian with the other two shades being beige and golden. The packaging is quite basic and because the foundation is a thin runny liquid it means it gets all over the cap and the thread on the tube which annoys me a little. I’m pretty sure it could be about two-inch shorter as 35 ml does not need the extra space making it not as travel friendly as it could be.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelain v Mac Matchmaster shade 1.0

Shade In Comparison

To give you an idea of what the shade Porcelian is like above on the left is the Undress Your Skin and the right is Mac Matchmaster foundation in shade 1.0. The Mac shade is made to blend with a few shades but as you can see the Undress Your Skin is even lighter with a slight yellow undertone to it. Something I noticed afterwards is it’s almost the same shade as my Mac Select Cover concealer in NW10 but with a sheered coverage.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelian - No Make Up

This was last week when I was having a particularly good skin week where all my spots seem to disappear. A nice moment in time but can’t say it lasted , the reason I make a point off it is you can’t see in the photo below if it conceals spots and for me I need concealer aswell. You can however see how red my cheeks are which is how they always are. It’s not on the level of rosacea but can be a pain to cover so I can make use of the blushers I have.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelain

Undress Your Skin – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is easy to work with and I just use my fingers as a brush would soak this straight up. It’s all in the technique of blending a little at a time as it’s runny and can end up everywhere, including my dress when I first tried it out. This is quite sheer but gives a natural cover without hiding everything but you can build it up without it caking but just to a medium coverage. I can get along with this as a day-to-day foundation but I don’t know what I’m doing but sometimes this works perfectly and other I end up starting my base again. I have little blonde hairs on my face and this can sometimes smear in those area. I have a feeling it could be my choice in moisturizer and primers, like I said it’s hit or miss but more often than not I’m happy with it. The finish is a demi-matte but as for illuminating I’m not convinced and think it’s more to do with the fact the shade is a little light even on me.

For the price the Undress Your Skin foundation is quite a good one and its quirks can be worked with if your willing to try. It’s £5 on the MuaStore and at the moment it’s back on offer in Superdrug.