Undress Me Too Palette by MUA

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MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette

This is one of those palettes that it just known by name and we all know it as the dupe for Urban Decays Naked Palette but lets just forget anyone ever said that. It’s not even close , I don’t own the Naked but I’ve swatched it and they are two different animals on two completely different levels. Accept that this is a £4 palette but also that it’s not as good as Heaven and Earth palette but on its own it’s a good starter palette. It was the first one I bought 6 months ago when I got back into make up and I have been using it on and off since.

This is the Undress Me Too palette…

MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette - names - ul

This is a good set of neutral mattes, bronzes and a black shadow. Almost all of the shades actual feel are soft to the touch but you really have to pick a lot up to get true colours but from a palette so cheap it’s not hard to not worry about waste. I would suggest always using a primer and if you Keep this in mind I suggest applying eye make up first and then do your face so any fall out can be wiped away first.

MUA - Undress Me Too - Eyeshadow Palette swatches - ul

To start will naked is just a good base colour to even out everything before you go on with colour. Shy can be used as a highlighter on the brow bone but maybe too shimmery for some. Exposed and Reveal are white silvery shadows Exposed being the darker of the two.  Lavish is a good matte taupe to blend out with to make the shadows seemless when blending up after the main shade is applied. Then on with the metallic shades, Devotion is a bright golden tone, Firey is exactly that bright and coppery, Dreamy is one of my favourites similar to Macs Sable a dark bronze, Tranquil is a darken rose gold, Wink is a feminine pink bronze and last but not least Obsessed a dark brown/grey shimmer shade good for creases. Now the only let down in the palette is Corrupt unlike all the others this is hard to the touch and impossible to work with it tries to be black but even with persistence only works as a dark grey and not evenly. I didn’t expect it to be honest as black is one of the hardest to get the perfect opaque pigment.