Under My Spell – The Only One?

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I’m on a personal mission to cut down on spending this year & have a budget that works. This means I’m trying to curb my addiction of luxe lipsticks which is a little out of control! I’ve started the new year with this one from Rimmel’s latest collection The Only One. I bought this simply because who in their right mind thought to seriously call any lipstick The Only One! So I went ahead & picked up Under My Spell.

As a huge sceptic of crazy claims this kinda says it all in the name & it simply annoys me. Yes it got me to buy it, Rimmel win that one but does this mean it’s the last collection they’ll ever do as you’ll never need another one? It’s the same thing when I think of the claims on the side of Benefit’s packaging with high percentages of people loving it until you see the handful of people being asked!

Under My Spell

Under My Spell - The Only One - swatch

When these first came out I was drawn to Oh So Wicked a deep burgundy red but I have an identical Mac lipstick called Diva in a matte finish. Instead with my recent try new things attitude I choose Under My Spell a vibrant hot pink, I know I don’t own anything like this one. As my hair slowing fades from red to pink I’m loving these shades even more. The colour is strong with a translucent finish where from other swatches I’ve seen your natural lip colour does make a difference.

The Only One Lipstick, a no compromise all-in-one lipstick. For long-lasting colour, comfort, moisture and wear. The perfect balance of high impact colour, moisture, all day comfort and staying power. Slanted lipstick bullet for an effortless application – Rimmel London

Under My Spell - The Only One - #fotd Rimmel - me 2

Is This The Only One I Need?

I like the modern style bullet as I find them easier to apply a nice clean line but I did notice feathering into fine lines. I’ll have to try in next time with my Clinique All About Lips (lipstick primer) or find a lip liner to fix this. The initial texture reminds me off a more solid version of the Revlon lip butters as it applies glossy & wet. This means you have time to fix anything & it takes a while to set which made me question the wear time. However while doing this I was drinking a peanut butter & banana smoothie so I got to test that out straight away. While it’s still wet you do get some transfer but nothing you can notice you don’t get immediate patches missing. This is a moisturising lipstick that doesn’t feel like you’re wearing anything. After a few hours it does dry down to a satin almost matte finish which is a little drying but nowhere near as much as a full on matte lipstick usually is. After wearing this for most of the day I had most wear on my top lip but it wasn’t as much as I expect it to be.

This would be great as a lipstick for somebody trying lipstick for the first time as it’s so easy to work with. It’s not perfect but I can say it’s got many qualities of a more expensive lipstick.

Under My Spell - The Only One - fotd - makeup

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