Ultimate Blends Conditioners By Garnier – Which Is Best?

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Ultimate Blends by Garnier - Which Is Best

I don’t often put lots of hair care on my blog as I’m a bit of a budget girl when it comes to my locks. I’ll spend the money to get a decent hair cut & now my new thing is getting it professionally coloured as I’ve done so much damage to my hair in the past. I still often buy what’s on offer for what I use in the week, which is how I came across Ultimate Blends. Now shampoo I’m even less fussed by I just haven’t found one that made me want to reuse it. On the other hand conditioner needs to smell good, makes my hair feel soft & hopefully more manageable in the process. If you didn’t know I’m dealing with dry coloured damaged hair that’s about shoulder length. I’ve tried three out of the now 6 types available in the range that would likely suit me.

Ultimate Blends – The Colour Illuminator – Fellas Fave

Personally I was most put ff this one by the scent, supposedly argon oil & cranberry to me it’s like perfume when somebody sprayed way too much. This one is empty as my fella used this one up after me giving it a try. At the time my hair wasn’t being dyed and his had been bleached & has temporary dye on it. I think this acts more like a strengthener so it didn’t give much in the way of a visual change. For him it helped his hair not feel like rubbish when he runs his hands through.

Ultimate Blends – The Sleek Restorer – My Fave

For Dry Frizzy hair, yep that’s me and then some, my sisters used to describe it as a lion’s mane a male one! This smells extra lovely because I both like coconut oil & cocoa butter which made me try it. I find my hair after this one detangles really well, I still use my Denman paddle brush on my wet hair and I have no knots after this conditioner. I half expected this to have silicone in it which is how smoothness is usually created but I can see any on the list. I like that I can let my hair dry naturally and it’s smooth enough for me to tie back for work without having to tame it.

Ultimate Blends – The Marvellous Transformer – Good All Rounder

We enjoyed the small bottle enough that when it came to repurchasing we bought the big one immediately as it suited us both. The scent to me is similar to how my hair smells when I leave a hair salon it just says luxe to me. It has argan oil well-known for helping hair & camellia oil more known as an indulgence in Japan for its shine enhancing properties. This suited both our dry and damaged (dull) hair, I liked to use this as a mask in the bath as it didn’t leave my hair greasy when I left it on a long time.

Overall Thoughts

I will often change conditioner but for the week days I often go back to this one. It’s conditioner that makes my hair feel good enough for me to be happy with it without styling it. They are all paraben free & for the price are worth it so I would recommend you give them a chance. I’m intrested to try the Nourishing Repairer for Very Dry Damaged hair which is a newer type in the range.

For the Ultimate Blends shampoo & conditioners they are 200m for £2.79 or 400ml for £3.89. At Boots they are half price on the 400ml bottles making them cheaper than the small size at £1.94 each.

In this months Elle March issue their is a free Ultimate Blends The Marvellous Transformer shampoo & conditioner sample so you can try it yourself.

What’s your favourite everyday conditioner?