True Match By Loreal Finally Finds True Love…

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Loreal True Match Foundation - foundation

Why I Bought True Match

Lets just start this off my saying that when I bought this Loreal True Match it was a moment of blogging weakness. I had search high and low through the drugstore shelves to find a light enough shade that would suit me. I even avoided this because I’d seen it trickle down through from a rave review on YouTube to every blogger having to buy it, I was a little sick of seeing it. I finally gave in though and swatched it and realised there was a shade that could work. I was happy I took it home, I tried it out and honestly I hated it. I persevered and still didn’t get to a point of applying it and not taking it back off again and going to my fail safe speedy Mac Studio Fix. This happened a lot all the while it was still being hyped and I was still unhappy. It’s that moment you think stupidly “what’s wrong with me?”

How I finally made a True Match?

By this point most with recognise the little tool next to my bottle of Loreal True Match Foundation. If not it’s the Real Techniques Miracle Sponge &to be honest this love affair is a long time coming. Neither of these have been loved up until last week I had a light bulb moment! I didn’t dampen the sponge I was being lazy or genius I’ll let you decide on that one… Whenever I’d applied True Match before it was with my fingers, it’s very thin and even with the pump it runs down the back of your hand while you’re trying to apply it. With the sponge I just applied it straight to it. The sponge does soak it up but you can easily push it more on to your face and any further in still gets used. I dabbed it on to get it to go into the pores on my nose to make them less visible which I couldn’t do with my fingers. I then used the sponge and rolled it over the skin rather than dragging it & moving the foundation it just helped to set it more evenly. Be careful when washing the sponge I managed to make a pigs ear of it and ripped a piece off accidentally so be warned gentle cleaning needed.

Loreal True Match Foundation - Face

I’m pretty sure I don’t need to tell you which side I’ve applied the True Match too as it was super sunny and the room was hot so my skin was quite flushed. The foundation did really well to cover this without masking my skin but still left a hint of colour on my cheeks. It has a natural light finish but enough coverage that I didn’t need to apply concealer. I’m having a week of better skin so not many spots to cover.

Whats you’re favourite foundation tools as I’m on the look out for a new brush to try and I ‘m not sure where to begin? Do I go the Real Techniques Buffing brush route?

To see this as a finished foundation I recently did a Five product Face post.

Loreal True Match Foundation is £9.99

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge £5.99