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 I have little crazy moments when a new brand hits our UK shores. We recently got Kat Von D beauty here which has been such a long wait. I’m still wanting to try her infamous Tattoo Liner out which I hope will be sooner than later. However Korean beauty has been causing an evolution in the UK beauty brands who are slowly creating their own versions. We’ve all seen the BB, CC, DD & even EE creams but we always want more & from the source themselves. Come find out which shop has brought Tonly Moly to the UK.

 A brand I’ve only just dipped my toes into is Tony Moly where it’s a little hit & miss to find depending on what you want to try. I’ve been using the Tony Moly Cat Wink’s Clear Compact as a touch up for a while now. I honestly bought it because is was so freaking adorable. The brand have managed to cream kitsch cute packaging that doesn’t look or feel cheap. They bring the fun back to skincare & makeup where the Uk feels much more sterile & boring. I hope brands like these help younger generations to want to use skincare as a starting point over makeup in general.

Tony Moly

Tony Moly

All the of the products above can be found in Selfridges online. I imagine like most of their new brands depending on how well they do online is how fast you’ll find them in store. This is how it happened with Nyx Cosmetics but as a trusted company I wouldn’t have a problem ordering from them. What I can say is Selfridges do bump up the prices compared with other stores.

Sometimes It’s Better To Shop Around

I did by the Cat Wink’s compact through Amazon & didn’t have any trouble with it. This all can depends on the seller & how much postage & packaging is charges, some are included in the spend £20 & get free delivery sometimes not. Another website I found through Huff Post was where some items are £3 cheapers. This might seem small but if your buying multiple items it will add up. I know there are many sellers on Ebay but I still feel less inclined to use it. I think in the past I’ve been messed around too often & don’t have that same level of trust. If you feel differently let me know maybe things have improved since I last time I used Ebay.

Below are the prices for each of the products that Selfridges are selling. I’m intrigued by the Egg Pore products as I hate getting blackheads no matter what I seem to do. The bamboo gel also looks interesting as I tend to pick heavier products but find them uncomfortable when it’s hot an night.


If you’ve already bought Tony Moly let us know what you did or didn’t like?

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