Three Cleansers In Use – A Balm, A Milk & A Mousse

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I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have chosen a more random selection of cleansers to use. I’m fickle when it comes to cleansers, I think most will do a good job & you don’t have to spend the earth to get a good one. The person that cleanses day & night with a budget brand it still doing better than the one who does it every now & again with an expensive one when they can be bothered. Not that all cheap or expensive ones are created equally both can have good & bad effects. I think however what type you use is personal preference more than anything.

The Balm – Clearly Youthful Aha/Bha Exfoliating Cream Cleanser

It says cream but its so thick it acts like a balm, it’s as thick as the Superdrug Naturally Radiant Hot Cloth Cleanser but with a medicinal sort of scent to it. Before I start this isn’t eye friendly it stings, maybe use it in conjunction with the one above. As for Aha short for Alpha-Hydroxy Acids this is the Lactic Acid which is 6th on the ingredients list this is the part that chemically exfoliates. It helps to remove the dead skin cells so fresh younger looking skin is on the surface. The Bha or Beta-Hydroxy Acid is Salicylic Acid (at 8th on the list) which is commonly used as a spot treatment to clear blocked pores. At this price point both are unlikely to be in huge amounts however when you really massage it in for a few minutes I get that tingle effect especially on my nose & chin where I get blackheads the most.

Superdrug – 150 ml – £5.99 (on offer £2.98)

This Gets Used When

When I can be bothered most to cleanse & spend that time to get that tingle effect as I massage it in well. When I see a spot appearing & want to try & stop it before it starts to look angry or go yellow!

The Milk – Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk

This was bought at Christmas as a treat, however I actually wanted the cleansing oil which I still haven’t bought. I don’t know what it is but having a Clinique cleanser on my bathroom window makes me happier. It just has pretty written all over it metaphorically of course. I prefer to use this where I already have water on my face. I use three pumps of this white milky cleanser which has the lovely Clinique scent. It’s just a simple cleanser as far as what it’s going to do for your skin. It does leave me with a soft hydrated face so it does feel nice to use. This is fine over & near the eyelids but don’t rub it in too much just go lightly as this stings like crazy if it goes in your eyes. It did surprise me as it is Allergy tested & 100% fragrance free. It says rinse off but I always use a warm flannel for all cleansing. I don’t get the suggestion to tissue it off though that seems really weird to me? What do you think?

Clinique (Boots) – 200ml – £19

This Comes Out When

I want to feel pampered or simply don’t have the inkling to go into detail with my cleansing. It’s quick & easy to use for tired or lazy days. I must cleanse day & night but that doesn’t mean I want to do it all the time.

The Mousse – Sampar White Velvet Mousse

Sampar is a french brand which I think other than T.K.Maxx is only available online. I think I paid £6.99 in T.K.Maxx & the reason they have it in is possibly because they’re now selling it in 100ml bottles instead of 150ml I got but at the same £26 price tag! This brings me on to the possible reasoning because it lasts forever & then some not that it justifies the downsize in any way that’s fair to customers! At this point I have about 30ml left & out of the three cleansers it gets used most often at least once a day. I think I bought this before Christmas after using the Sampar Overnight Mask & liking that too (must do a post on that one too)! Back to the product at hand I really didn’t think I’d love it so much because it’s foaming I was dubious at best. Yes this is foaming but not in a SLS bad striping way. This is a water type liquid which when you pump it out is pulled through a pipe with a metal coil through it creating the foam. Always use on wet skin or it just goes flat this feels luxurious. It doesn’t foam up further but is like a creamy soft delicate foam, it’s beautiful. Again don’t go let it get near your eyes it will sting.I only just now realise looking at the ingredient list it’s exfoliating it has malic acid is aimed at brightening & smoothing the skin, glycolic acid & citric acid both dead skin cell removers to promote healthy new skin so maybe that’s why it’s more expensive. Then again if your budget is like mine the Clearly Youthful cleanser will do the job too.

Feel Unique – 100 ml – £26

When I Use This

All the time, daily because even though it’s a luxury brand & I’m personally unlikely to pay full price for it unless I find it in T.K.Maxx again I won’t waste it either. Instead I’m going to use it & enjoy it for what it is a great cleanser.

So that’s my eclectic set of cleansers that are in rotation right now, the daft thing is as you may have seen they all aren’t really suitable for the eyes. In that case do let me know which ones you’ve used that you will happily use near your eyes as they will eventually run out.

Jess x