The Tiny Human Who Changed Everything

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I convinced myself for so long that that I was too busy for blogging. First it was my wedding back in 2015 & then getting pregnant in 2017. I can carry on making excuses for why not or I can work this out & do something for me. However I’m not that cute and he really is. Without further rambling here is my most important tiny human.

Tiny Human

As in life & in my blog I will refer to him as tiny human. He’s not so tiny now but he will always be tiny to us.

tiny human on a winters day making snow angels


It was a planned c-section due to me being over weight & him being in the wrong position. They really did get the right date for it as my waters broke that morning before I even got to hospital. All went well but we did have a 5 day stay in hospital as they believed the tiny one had an infection. In my case they treat for it as the blood tests take days to be ready. Luckily it was all precautionary & everything was fine.

We attempted breastfeeding but it just didn’t work out so I exclusively pumped for 1 year. This worked out best as I had to go back to work 11 weeks after (bills don’t pay themselves). My husband stayed at home with tiny human & it’s worked really well for us. As with all babies there are many sleepless nights, more recently in the last few months with teething. It’s all the usual things you get with little ones.

tiny human baby led weaning strawberries fruit eating

We are doing baby led weaning which is simply to say he eats solid foods. We did do some puree to begin with but he quickly found a love for real food. His favourite flavour is garlic, this is all good until he burps in your face. He loves strawberries, melon & will often share a granny smith’s apple with me.

My most favourite moments are seeing him pull the most random faces. He has so much expression and shows just how he feels. Often it’s little old grumpy man face but his smile just lights up even the most rubbish work days.

My Health Update

My weight has always been an issue that I completly accept is my own doing. It actually improved over my pregnancy & from before to now I’ve lost 2 1/2 stone. I still have a long way to go!

For a while I did StepBets which involve sticking to a number of steps & betting $40 within a group of people. When I get to it I will try to write more on the subject. I did them for about 5 months which is longest I’ve stuck to something resembling exercise. What it does mean at least is every day I now walk to work. I managed to form a habit which feels good. I don’t always walk back it just depends on the day.

tiny human on a sunny day looking dapper in dr martens

I’m at least trying to be healthier, I want to be able to keep up with Luke’s pace. He’s so close to walking I really can’t wait.

On the other side of the health issue I’m starting a fundraising challenge to do 1 Million Steps for Diabete Uk. That runs between July 1st & September 30th & averages out at around 11000 steps a day. If you fancy donating my Just Giving page is up an running, anything at all will be greatly appreciated. You can keep an eye out on how I’m doing on my Diabetes Uk page.

Then to top it all off I’ve signed back up to Weight Watchers to try & match my exercise with some healthy eating. Instead of using my points to allow a Double Decker or two I want to eat real food. To stop having lazy takeaway days & more home cooked meals. I will write more about it as I go along this health journey of mine.

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