The Serum Trials – Estee Lauder & Clinique

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My skincare routine has been a little all over the place recently. With life in general getting in the way remembering to do my routine as soon as I get it went out the window. It’s more like bed time around 11pm, I need to go wash my face! So when I got these samples 1-2 months ago I decided that maybe a serum could help perk my skin up & make me want to try harder. Both were free samples which helped because these are on the expensive side of skincare.

Serum Trials

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair

This is one of the most raved about serums in the beauty blogging world. A few years back it’s all anyone spoke about when it came to what skin care was a must have. I haven’t dabbled in many as I just don’t have the bank balance to afford anything that I think will make a difference. Which is why I was so excited to give these a go, for the first week I actually wish it to be terrible so I wouldn’t need to give my right arm to buy the bottle. It has a bit of an herbal scent to it nothing too offensive & when applied I had time to spread it out & sink in. I gave it all the chance in the world to wow me, to show me that the extra step was needed. Sadly for me I didn’t see any dramatic changes at all. I have dry skin usually a few flakey patches but at 27 there’s signs of aging but nothing major.Let’s call it a very expressive face so I get frown lines on my fore head, the start of crows feet & a little wrinkling under my eyes from a lack of sleep. I kept a close eye on these things each day to see if there was any difference. Maybe I’m too young for this product but younger have been amazed by it so I don’t know what I’m missing? If you know please comment below.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II 30ml £44

Clinique Smart Custom Serum

This was a very generous sample in a magazine which I was more than happy with the 10ml size. It even came in well designed plastic bottle with a pump. I actually found this one in the first few days to give some sort of result, my skin felt lovely & soft the next morning which it’s usually just dry. My skin just seemed to have more bounce maybe elasticity is the word I should use. This effect helped me stick with it as the scent is rather off-putting. I also feel like I seemed to use more than the Estee Lauder to cover my face in it. All went well for about 10 days until I started to feel raised bumps on my temples. At the time the only skincare change had been this serum so I was a little wary but carried on. The bumps were on top of where I often get blackheads there which is where my often dirty safety glasses sit. I decided to give it a break for a few days to see if it was the serum & the bumps disappeared. I was so peeved because in other aspects of it I did notice small improvements to my skin but the bumps irritated me more so I stopped using it. This could be the case again that it’s made for more mature skin so this may get tried again in the future. I’m going to pass the sample onto my sister to try & if there are any results I’ll be sure to let you know.

So a big huge fail for me & my skin but it’s useful to try samples out as many things suit some of us & not others. If they had shown promise I would have bought one to carry on using it because even though they are expensive I think they actually last longer than I originally anticipated they would. If you have a serum you love or think I would let me know below in the comments.