The Comforter… Not Just For Baths!

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A firm favourite of mine is spending way too long in the bath. I love having some me time applying a face mask, lots of bubbles & simply forgetting the world for just a few moment. It’s as close to meditating as I ever get because my brain can’t quite manage that level of zen. One of the things that’s a part of this little routine is The Comforter bubble bar from Lush since their original shop first appeared in Sheffield.

It’s the little things in life that can make a big difference, it’s one that always puts a smile on my face. That & one of very few products where it being a vibrant hot pink makes me love it more! The scent is blackcurrant, it’s strong but sweet & fills my bathroom for a good while. It’s what I love about it over other bath ballistics which seem to dissipate too quickly & have little effect on my skin. What I have noticed recently though is it’s much more bubbly & if it gets in my hair it’s feels awful which has put me off it. This is because SLS (Sodium Laureth Sulfate) seems to be a fave ingredient at Lush. It creates great bubbles but if like me you have coloured hair its brill at stripping that colour out. I also feel like Lush have made it seem like an amazing ingredient and not simply as a cheap one that makes bubbles.I imagine many busy people are way to busy for baths don’t quite get the alone time or the space to indulge in baths. So when I spotted that they had recreated my favourite Lush Comforter scent I knew this had to be tried

The Comforter... Not Just For Baths! - mi 2

The Comforter Shower Cream

It’s the same price as The Comforter at £4.95 that’s for the 100g bottle. At first I thought this was quite steep but when it comes to lush shower gels or creams a little goes a long way. Now it does contain SLS as well but I only apply it to my body so it doesn’t do any harm to my hair.The Comforter... Not Just For Baths! - collage

I think if I got the 1kg size I’d still be using it next Christmas! So as far as I can see the shower creams seem to be more than just a way to get clean. This is pink & shimmery but it really is for everybody as it’s shimmery but not glittery which is hard to find in Lush these days. It lathers up nicely & leaves my skin feeling softer after it, not all night but I can notice the difference. What dose stick with me is the smell which lingers long after use which does make it better than the bubble bar. I hope this isn’t a limited edition as I know I will want (need) another one.

The Comforter Bubble Bar is available online at Lush along with the Shower Cream both are £4.95.

On those cold winter mornings or after a long day at work The Comforter is like having a snuggly warm blanket in a bottle.  What products give you that same feeling?

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