Yankee Candles – The Candles Are Burning This Winter

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Yankee Candles - The Candles Are Burning This Winter

I have only really got back into liking candles over the last few months as I tend to be quite picky over what scents I like. I also have that thought in the back of my mind that I am literally burning away money. On the other hand I do believe that the right candle can have a beautiful calming nature that after a long day at work helps to relax the tension built up inside.

I have searched through many Yankee Candles and had almost convinced myself I would buy a luxury Neom candle which is £15 and that’s a lot for me until I smelt it and knew I would hate it any way. I like the concept of Diptique but at a starting price of around £20 for a mini candle it’s not happening any time soon.

Yankee Candles - The Candles Are Burning This Winter - lit

So I’m happily back with my cheap-ish tester candles. They are £1.80 each I really have become addicted to burning them. The two still in wrappers are the ones I repurchased in Merry Marshmallow and Fireside Treats. When I use these they have a very similar sweet scent with the Fireside Treat having a slightly smokey edge to them. The other is Salted Caramel and this was my favourite as it has the sweet and salty mix down really well and has a scent that travels and fills the room up , it smells inviting and warm and even after you blow it out it lingers on. Sadly I can’t remember which Clinton Cards the Salted Caramel came from so will have to keep searching.

The thing I have noticed is by keeping an eye on them and blowing the out before they overflow you can let them harden and light again later on and make these candles last longer than I originally thought possible. I’m still using the first three but I have rekindled my love of Yankee Candles.