The Body Shop – Almond Hand and Nail Cream

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As you can see below I couldn’t quite resist this hand cream and have been making my way though it over the past couple of weeks. It’s a pretty straight forward white cream that feels nice and has a warm sweet almonds scent. I really do give my hands hell at work, they get wet often and the heating then dries them out. I’m forever washing dirt and oil off by striping them bare with cleaner and just going round in circles. So in a bid to be good I feel I should start to pay more attention to them.My nails are wrecked from over use of nail varnish so I’m avoiding wearing it at much as possible to try to strengthen them and just using a nail polishing block to at least make them shine.

The Body Shop - Almond Hand and Nail Cream

I like to put a dab on each nail and spread it out over the cuticle as well, then while I’m either watching Youtube or just the TV I let it sink it and soften my skin. After about 5 or 10 minutes I then rub whats left down my hands and this is enough to coat my hands without leaving them wet. It is a little greasy and it takes a minute to massage it in but I find this little ritual after work a nice way to wind down and treat myself.

I do still have the Garnier 7 Days somewhere but I think this could end up being repurchased as it’s a much more natural scent. By only bug with this is the metal tube which if you accidentally squeeze to hard you end up with more coming out that you wanted. This resides on my bed side table as an at home only product for fear of in being squished in my bag.

This is the 30 ml for £5 but if you buy the 100 ml it’s £10 and there’s always a code on the vouchercloud app to cut the cost down.