A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!

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That’s my story & I’m sticking to it! I’ve been pretty good for most of the year, after my birthday in January I mainly bought small bits of make-up or the essentials to keep my skin ticking over. I can’t do without my skincare so getting new make-up didn’t seem as important, it wasn’t like I’d run out of anything! However for a few months I saved up to have one big crazy spend which I’m now hauling for you. Continue reading “A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!”

Fudge Urban Brush & Go Dry Shampoo

Fudge Urban Brush & Go Dry Shampoo
My hair behind the Fudge Urban Dry Shampoo has the product in, I’m not the grey yet!

I won’t go on & on about dry shampoos, we all know they give us that freshen up our when we just don’t have to time to get a wash in. Most of them spray a white powder on to the hair that soaks the oil (grease) up then we massage the hair to disperse it so we don’t look strange & ghostly. Some dry shampoos are designed to be more invisible to the naked eye. The Fudge Urban Brush & Go is a little different like it went down a different route to get the effect wanted & I was surprised at what it could do. This isn’t in your regular Boots or Superdrug as it may be a discontinued line but it’s described very similar to the Fudge Membrane Gas which is £12.25, this was in a bargain shop for about £2. I’m wondering if they were too similar & that’s why it’s not mainstream. Either way you should be able to get it in places like B&M & Bargain Buys.

Fudge Urban – Waterless Shampoo

Fudge Urban Brush & Go Dry Shampoo

Fudge Urban Brush & Go is what I’m assuming came out before the newer range available now, sadly it seems to have been pushed aside & I jut can’t see why. Continue reading “Fudge Urban Brush & Go Dry Shampoo”

November Empties & Lots Of Them!

November Beauty Empties 2014 - 1

It’s time again for me to go through my all my empty products. I didn’t do one October which is why I seem to have so many of them. I’ve included my fellas bits as well at the bottom, it’s not just us girls that get through stuff.

November Empties

This first one lasted me about a month,  the Urban Decay Crisp Pear & Sweet Vanilla Dry Shampoo. This up to now out of all dry shampoos has been my most loved one. It has a nice scent, hides the grease without looking white on my brunette hair. It’s not completely invisible you still have to work it in but it’s a lot easier than others. Can I justify the £4.99? I think so but I’d still say Batiste is almost as good. See Dry Shampoos Review. Next up is a T.K.Maxx purchase I found in their clearance department at £5 instead of £32. It’s the Christian Breton Aha Exfoliating Lotion. This is basically a chemical exfoliant liquid I used this non stop for three weeks day & night but I just wasn’t wowed by it. I couldn’t see much difference other than my skin going a little red after using it. I still want to try more exfoliating toners just not this one! Philosophy 3 in 1 Bath Foams are bubble bath for adults, there not cheap at £14 a bottle but they are a little luxury when you need some me time. This one was the coconut version, I liked this but didn’t love it. I prefer the Cinnamon Buns scent which fills my bathroom. The coconut seems to smell great in the bottle but disappeared too fast in the bath. A product that surprised me was the Perricone Md Gentle Cleanser. I wrote a review on this here and I stand by that review. I didn’t like this but because it was a gentle cleanser it didn’t feel anything more or less than any others I’ve used. I’m guessing someone with sensitive skin may get more out of it. What I did want to point out is I wrote that review thinking it was going to run out soon. That was back at the end of August, so its taken another 3 months to use up. For how long I’ve been using it almost every day and night it almost justifies the £35 price tag. I didn’t pay that much for it but even with it lasting so long I still couldn’t spend that much on a cleanser.

November Beauty Empties 2014 - 2

I seem to have gotten through a lot of face masks this month r rather just finished them up.The Good Things Manuka Honey mask I wrote about here so I won’t say much other than I’d buy it again, nice scent & felt like it was helping. The next one is The Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask, it does what it says & you do feel the warming effect. What I found with this is it’s very sticky, doesn’t dry down & when it slowly moves down your face it tastes awful if you get it on your lips. My face did feel soft after this one but it’s all too messy. I left the Origins Clear Improvements mask for last as I really did love this one the most. I only got a travel size as it’s expensive at £10 for 50 ml but I’m tempted to get another for Christmas. This felt like it was doing good every time I used it. This one dries down, you do have to use a flannel to get it off otherwise you’d be there all night. This helped to dry spots out & calmed them down without drying the rest of your skin out.

November Beauty Empties 2014 - 3

I couldn’t leave out the fellas empties as I think it’s useful knowing what they like too. I’m writing this & he’s telling me what he thought about them. Let’s get The Body Shop Kistna out-of-the-way because he goes through these often. He uses this for everything, beard, body & hair it’s a good all-rounder. It smells masculine without being like Old Spice. The Scaramouche & Fandango Condition (best blokes brand name ever) was from T.K.Maxx otherwise he would have never tried it. He liked the body wash but the conditioner just wasn’t all that nice. It made his hair feel like after it had dried it got dirty faster than regular conditioner.Last but not least another from The Body Shop, Maca Root Face Scrub. It cleans really well, he used this through his beard and it didn’t feel itchy afterwards which has happened with others. He really likes the smell which is the same as the Mac Root stick & spray deodorant that he likes. However he is warning me to tell you the face wash doesn’t smell as nice, enough that he won’t use it.

Dry Shampoo – Which Really Work?

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Dry Shampoo - Which Work

In my world anything that makes life easier is worth having around. Dry Shampoo is a simple concept that can transform how your day begins. A bad one will be sticky, make hair look greasier or even make you age 20 years turning your hair grey. A good one saves your ass when you woke up late, fixes that second day grease & makes you feel like your hair is clean again. Facing the day with signs of unwashed or simply oily hair even at work makes me cringe. Adding body back into lifeless second day hair means you can keep it loose and not automatically resort to it up in a bun. I’ve gone through more dry shampoo than any other product that I’m sure of. These are the five I’ve tried out most recently.

Dry Shampoo – A Good Or Bad Hair Day?

Batiste – Dark & Deep Brown

Now I’ve gone through multiple cans of Batiste but only recently tried the tinted version. Batiste for me is purely to get rid of the grease. I make sure to apply it when I first get up then usually leave it until the last-minute to rub it in. That way you get greatest effect. The tint works pretty well & suits very dark browns more than mousey shades. It hides roots well and helps blend them in. I try to disturb too much of the product right at the root to keep the coverage. My only niggle with this one is once rubbed in you end up with brown powder under your finger nails which looks odd especially on natural nails

Trevor Sorbie – Salon X-clusive

This was gifted to me from my mum because she didn’t like it. I think this is because it’s more of a texture creator than anything else. When you need to get your bounce back spray into the roots or up through layers of hair. Rub fingers into scalp to add extra volume. Now I’m pretty sure that she didn’t pay full price for it as at £9.95 this is expensive for a product I’d run out of often. It feels like this one is almost empty & I don;t think I’ve used it that many times.

Urban Fudge – Crisp Pear & Vanilla

This and Batiste Tropical are easily the best smelling from all the dry shampoo I’ve used. However the Urban Fudge is more like Batiste older sister, a much more fresh adult scent. I’d count this in my top three dry shampoos of all time, I’m nearly out and know I’ll be wanting to get another. This has a very fine mist & creates much less white powder in the hair. It blends in much faster & I feel like this lasts longest throughout the day.

Blow Pro – Faux Dry

Blow pro is a pretty unknown range in the UK and I’m hoping it stays around. A more expensive line than most hair care ranges that Superdrug stocks. This is a well designed products that comes in a fine powder. Rather than a spray can you squeeze the bottle & depending on pressure you apply you can control how much comes out. If Bumble & Bumble had come up with this design than it would make me buy the Pret a powder. I’ve got a full post on the Faux Dry shampoo with photos of it in use. This does both grease & volume but I prefer this for volume. It’s works really well on clean hair as well to create texture . This is £6.99 but I feel like this will take forever to run out as 50 grams is way more than the 150 – 200 ml because of how fine the powder is.

Girlz Only – Party Nights

This is one of those super budget brands which only appear in supermarkets. That’s not to say it doesn’t work but it likely gets’ you to buy the more expensive one because it looks tacky. This suits most for the oily fix but make sure to spray this from a distance. The scent is strong & perfume like but is a little overpowering on first use. Get too close and it’s more likely to make your hair look worse than better. Like Batiste give it chance to settle and really rub this in & check in a mirror as it’s very white on your hair. Maybe suit blonde better as you may get away it if you miss a bit.

Future Dry Shampoo To Try

As you can tell my favourites tend to not be the cheapest always but I do love going back to Batiste on nostalgia alone. I really want to get hold of the Colab dry shampoo by the blogger Ruth Crilly at A Model Recommends as it’s said to be invisible to the eye. It also has a much more adult range of scents with 5 to choose from.

Which would you recommend I Try?

September The Start Of My Fall Faves

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September Favourites 2014

September Favourites

I love September as it’s right between sweltering hot & freezing cold ready to piss it down at any moment. You get that crisp chill in the air when the sun is out but your stood in the shade. I’m in a search for a long wool cardigan I can wear with dresses that feel a little to thin, at least for the weather we are getting up north. I’ve had a change of styles which you can see in my choice of favourites.

Urban Fudge Ice Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray – Strong Hold

I’ve had a big change in how I’ve styled my hair. After 26 years of living with the need to straighten my hair when I go out I’ve learned to embrace the curl. Even though my hair is naturally wavy it doesn’t hold a curl so well. I like it to drop down to a relaxed curl but any kind of windy weather removed all the hard work. I knew I needed to give it some hold but can’t stand the smell of most hairspray. With this you can still smell alcohol on initially spraying it but your left with a raspberry scent that stays with you. It gives enough hold but at the end of the day I can brush my hair easily and not have that residue feeling left over. How did I get those curls here’s my tutorial.

Maybelline Big Great Lash in Blackest Black

Great lash is an old favourite I’ve used for donkeys years ( a long time). I got swept away with the new spiked lashes and didn’t repurchase it. When I saw there was a version called BIG Great Lash I jumped on it. Now the funny thing is I can only seem to find this mascara online for the USA. How it ended up in Superdrug in Meadowhall I’m not sure but I love this even more. If you did get it please let me know in the comments below. It is a big bristle brush with the same very black shade but seems to add more curl. The tapered out tip of the brush means I can still get my bottom lashes without getting mascara on my skin. See it in action over on my Instagram. Or over at Maybelline.

The Body Shop Coconut Body Butter

Gifted by my mum I was very happy with this care package full of The Body Shop coconut products. My most loved this month has hands down is the body butter. Made for hydrating dry skin it makes me want to use it, cause it smells so damn heavenly. I’m already half way through this tub I know I’m gonna need another one by the end of October if it lasts that long. I use this everywhere, not just my body but my feet, hands and probably oddly  enough behind my ears because of super dry skin (psoriasis). This shit works! For more coconut love see this post.

Sampar So Much To Dew Midnight Mask

This month for my skin has all been about putting the hydration back into it. I have a dry skin to start with but even so have neglected to help this other than moisturiser. With a few in my possession that I’m trying out this one has stood out so far. Trying not to repeat myself from my Evening Skin Care Switcheroo this is some super hydrating mask. I love how you apply it with the super soft brush. The fact that you can easily clean it with water without getting it in your product. Most of all this even seems to help out the spot problem I’m having. It’s a way of maintaining the moisture through into winter.

Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils in Berry Much

So Maybelline are hitting it out the park with new releases. This for me is Autumn in a budget friendly lip pencil. It’s easy to apply and can give multiple different looks from sheered out as a pink/ plum to a deep opaque berry plum. It’s creamy to apply but dries to a matte that’s comfortable to wear. With this one shade you can do Autumn but I do like the others and there’s something for everyone. Revlons Matt Balms disappointed me because of this as there was only one shade that wasn’t a crazy bright. To see this worn see my Updated Autumn Look.

What were you loving in September?