Coconut – A Heavenly Scented Bath Time

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Coconut - A Heavenly Scented Bath Time - mi


It’s only be three days since I last wrote something but it feels much longer. I’ve had one of those weeks that just seems to take it out of you. I feel like my brain cells were leaking out of my ears & nothing was left enough for me to write. One of the most calming places I have is the bathroom. It’s small with a little window where the ledge is heaving with skin care products and even the edge of the bath is covered in bits. It’s one of the few places I can listen to random music, sing my heart out very much out of tune & let go of some of that stress.

Coconut Lovin

Bubble Bath Fun

As you can see some of these pieces have been well used up but in specific ways. Firstly for a decent bath there has to be bubbles, preferably loads lets not pretend were adult about these things.It helps that the Philosophy Coconut Frosting is a big bottle at 480 ml. It has a lovely scent that smells natural and not overly sweet , I’m not getting in a bath with a Bounty bar. The bubbles stay for a long time but I find the scent disappears faster. I like that the Philosophy bath foams don’t get in the way of washing your hair. They don’t leave any residue or make your hair feel weird. I noticed this the last time I used a Lush Comforter bubble bar. Had to wash my hair with the shower afterwards & I’m not a girl who likes to repeat herself. If I buy this again which it’s getting to the festive season I’m going to go back to the Cinnamon Buns scent.

Silky Smooth – Shower Gel

In my long time well spent in the bath I find shaving the most boring & laborious task of all. I’ve used shaving gels, foams and random shower gels before & still I manage to cut myself somehow, you’d think I’d have learnt by now. I do have Psoriasis on my knees but I found this coconut shower gel managed to help the shaver glide past these raised patches of skin. It’s really thick & it’s great when your shaving while sat in the bath. It sticks to your skin really well so when you shave if your leg goes back under the water it doesn’t disappear. You can just carry on at a leisurely pace then rub your legs to foam it away. It helps even with the disposable razors to leave me with soft smooth skin. I already have a backup which I’m very pleased about as I can’t do without this one.

Skin Softening – Body Butter

Once I’m out the shower I’m giving a really good go at trying to moisturise my body. It’s a boring job but a recent discovery has helped this along. Another Body Shop product the coconut body butter has instantly become a favourite. I was on a no buying body butter ban from January and I’ve only just ran out which shows how many I had. It’s almost solid but as soon as I use it skins in quickly. I absolutely adore this stuff. My only bother with colder months is my skin drying out. This makes me want to use it even more than I probably need to!

Whats your loved bath time scents?


Finished Em Capiche! – June Empties

Finished Em Capiche! - June Empties

There seems to be a lot this month but that’s due to a few almost empties from May. I seem to be having a bit of a fail day at work, everything that could go wrong seemed too. Luckily for me nothings broken and programs can be fixed and tools reset. If only the brain could be turned off, restarted and the alarms go away that easily. Now that I have chance to breathe and collect my thoughts let’s get down to the empties.

Finished Em – Meh! Sums It Up

Loreal Skin Perfection Micellar Solution 200 ml £4.99

It’s not so much indicative of this Micellar solution so much as having gone off all of them. Great for fixing make up mishaps but otherwise I just don’t trust them to truly get my skin clean. This one I’ve had a while, maybe that’s why it seems to react with my eyes, it didn’t when I first bought it. I just feel like I know I still have makeup and ickyness left on my skin. I want to be lazy but only if it still does the job. In the bin it finally goes, give me an oil cleanser any day.

Loreal Elvive Triple Resist Reinforcing Conditioner 400 ml £3.99

I guess it helps when you buy a conditioner to properly read what it says on the bottle. I saw fragile hair but I think it means thin or limp hair. Not really meant for me then, bought when I ran out and couldn’t get to a better shop. It smells nice and didn’t leave residue which I find happens all too often so that’s a positive.

N07 Completly Quenched Moisturising Body Lotion 200 ml £10.50

This smells very much like every N07 product which isn’t a bad thing. This is moisturing and nice but too thick and takes too much effort to get it to soak in. I basically used this up as an after shower body lotion. Didn’t keep my skin hydrated for long enough, I do have very dry skin.

It’s A Mans World

From the mouth of the man of the house!

The Body Shop Kistna Hair & Body Wash 200 ml £6

Great as shampoo but if left on too long almost feels sticky. Not as great as the other Body Shop one named Arber but prefer if when I’m cleaning my beard. It doesn’t dry the hair out so it still feels clean but soft.

Botanics Men’s Face Scrub 120 ml £3.99

This is a complete bargain, this was much nicer that the King Of Shaves one I had that was too abrasive. This feels like it helped with my skin as well as my skin beneath my beard. It’s meant to soften stubble but didn’t do this as much as I’d liked. I have found a different one I like more though.

Empty To The Last Drop

 Ren Clear Calm 3 150 ml £18

This is for me what a luxury cleanser should feel like. This was a splurge for me when I go it and I enjoyed using it every time. This made mornings that little bit more bearable. There are very few clay based cleansers and this was just lovely I hold other cleansers up to this one. In the future I may repurchase but for me it’s a lot to spend on a cleanser.

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist 200 ml £5.99

This is one of many travel bottles of this stuff I’ve bought and I’ll likely buy another if only for travel. I love the scent and it does keep my hair soft while using Ghd’s. I’d use this if I’m straightening after I’ve left my hair to naturally dry. I’ve found a good one from BlowPro to blow dry my hair with instead though. Have been using this for donkeys years.

BlowPro Damage Control Conditioning Mask £235 ml £9.99

I am in love with this hair mask. It’s not cheap and I probably used it too much to begin with as it’s a protein mask which builds the strength of the hair up. I could have made this a once a week treat and when I get chance to repurchase it I intend too. My hair is over dyed, dried, thick and a pain. This made it manageable where I could get a brush through it easily without bit knots the day after if I left it to dry. Smells similar to the Toni & Guy Nourish hair mask but works better for me.

The Body Shop Cranberry Body Polish 200 ml £10

I know you can’t get this anymore but it’s available in strawberry still. I prefer the strawberry but this was a nice Christmas edition. I seemed to forget about it not just this but all scrubs. Kinda went off them for a while, maybe laziness I’m not sure. These with the seeds in I do like to get a proper scrub going. I have psoriasis so this is great for those extra dry areas you want to itch but don’t want to do damage to. Great for before shaving but does leave the seeds in the bottom of the bath tub.






After Bath / Shower Routine

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After Bath Shower Routine - mi


After bath routine? When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get out of the bath like it was chore that I was made to go through. Now it’s my happy place, my space to relax and unwind and just simply allow my aching bones to rest. When I was little a big part of it was because of the dermatitis I had and after a bath it involved cream and ointments being applied that were either sticky or smelly. It’s taken a long time to pull away from that way of thinking and recently I’ve really stuck myself to a good routine that’s enjoyable. Before I get into this I usually do my skin care routine so it’s free from any extra product on my hands getting on my face.

After Bath – Feet First

My biggest hate about getting out after a super long soak are my feet feeling dry. I spend most of the day on them and the are nicknamed my man feet  because their a size 9 and I do technically a man job ( but I do it better lol). For a long time I just used body butters but they can feel a little too greasy especially on wooden, tiled or lino floors. It’s a slippery mess so I tried The Body Shop Peppermint foot lotion (£8 250 ml) out first. With this I tend to use too much and it’s too wet if that makes sense it just takes too long to rub in. I replaced this with the Intensive Foot Rescue (£9 100 ml) version. You get a lot less but you use a lot less. It’s like a really thick creamy balm but it spreads out enough to cover all your foot but then sinks into it. That and the N07 Foot Balm (£9.95 75 ml) work for me very similar except The Body Shop is very peppermint scented good for tired feet and the N07 is there signature scent which is more I’m ready for bed and so are my feet.

After Bath – Body Butter Me Up

We all know the best time to do this is straight from the bath. I was told that leaving your skin wet also helps , myth or not it’s not for me. Me moisturising is all about how much I can be bother to do it. I don’t not do it but if I’m tired or rushed I go for The Body Shop Coconut Milk Lotion (£8 250 ml). I can spray this on to all the places I ‘m gonna use it and you don’t get it running or dripping off as you use it. Just put it down and then you have both hands to rub it all in. This dries off pretty quick so you don’t get your jim jams (PJ’s) sticking to you. It smell amazing as well which is a big plus. The other if I’m taking my time and want really soft skin is the N07 is the Quenched Moisturising Lotion (£10.50 200 ml). It takes more work to rub in and I would say it’s closer to a body butter in thickness than a lotion. It doesn’t mix well if your skins still wet but just takes a little longer to rub in. I do you other Body butters but usually later on when I’m heading towards going to sleep.

After Bath – Hair Raising Fun

I can’t get over how much I love the Scent of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Condition (£3.59 200 ml) I use this after baths every time. Smells amazing and makes my hair super soft, to say I use this on dry hair as well I can’t believe I’m only about half way through the bottle. I have super long hair and spray a hefty amount all the way through. I then finish off with a little of the John Freida Extra Strength Serum (£6.29 50 ml). I don’t regularly blow dry my hair but this just adds a little shine and tames the frizzy bits. I love the coarse version as when I do blow dry it just helps make it a hell of a lot less like a lions mane.




Guys v Girls – Beauty and The Beasts – April Empties

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This is a little change up I’ll do every now and again when my bloke finishes off the skincare bits he uses. So you’ll get the guys v girls empties and a little bit of a different view point if you fancy getting something for a male friend, boyfriend/husband, brother,dad or even your uncles this should give a little insight into whats worth getting. My male view point is my fiance who has slowly been directed (or nudged) into trying new things out. He has sensitive skin beyond belief to the point where he can’t even use the bath balistics at Lush. We don’t know why he reacts he just does hes a sensitive old soul!

guys v girls april 2014 empties

 Guys v Girls

Guys – Bulldog Original Moisturizer – 100 ml £6.39  This one is a little bit on the balmy side and too close to almost greasy. I prefer the sensitive version as this one takes too long to rub in to my skin. The smells masculine without being excessive

Girls – Lush let The Good Times Roll Cleanser – £6.35 100g – This is my third tub and I go back to it time and again because it smells amazing. Haven’t got sick of it yet anyway but would only use it on my face. Doubles as a mini scrub as well and got into using it at night to remove the work day grime, nice!

Guys – The Body Shop Arber and Kistna Hair & Body Wash – £6 200 ml – These are great products as I don’t react to them and have purchased them multiple times. The Arber (purple one) is a fruity grape smell which I like as an alternative to standard guy scents. The Kistna is an unusual scent along the manly side and I like it almost as much as the Arber. Both get me really clean but don’t dry my skin out. You also do have to use loads so they last a decent length of time.

Girls – Philosophy Cinnamon Buns 3 in 1 – £14 480 ml – Fine as a shampoo, like it as bubble bath treat but love it as a shower gel. I think in the bath you have to use a lot to get the smell but then end up with way too many bubbles. As a shower gel its scent is much more concentrated and has that freshly baked cinnamon bun smell to it. Can’t wait to try the coconut frosting version when I can afford it.

Guys – No7 Hair & Body Wash – £7.50 200 ml– This is good and has a bloke kinda scent. It’s not excessively strong and I prefer to use it as a shampoo as my hair can get quite oily but this gets my hair squeaky clean. I do like the body shop ones more now than this one.

Girls – Lush – Snow Fairy Shower Gel  A limited edition at Christmas that I’ve bought time and time again. I only got a little one this year and I’m thinking the love has worn off. It’s very sweet but it does the job I just prefer other products more. I actually finished it off just using it as shampoo as I’d run out of the Toni & Guy.

Guys v Girls – Toni & Guy Shampoo £7.49 250 ml and Mask £7.49 200 ml – We usually share a set and that lasts around 4-6 weeks. For me shampoo just al seems the same maybe because I don’t like to spend much on them. On the flip side it’s all about the mask and that really stood out. You didn’t need to use loads and it made my hair soft and much more manageable than normal.

If you like the idea of a guy v girls empties or even favourites post in the future comment and let me know.



Empties In February

I’ve been getting more organised this year so I’m remembering to scoot around the house and find where all my empties are hiding. I’ve been loving watching other peoples empties videos on Youtube because it really gives an insight into what we all get through.

February 2014 Empties

James Brown Shampoo, Conditioner and Mask

These were my first move into trying more expensive brands to get my hair into better shape. within a week I could tell they were doing more for my hair but the set I’m using now I love more and will write something up soon about that. These between the two of us lasted the month which is about right for us. I’ve tried James Brown before in the travel sizes and liked them but it’s more the salon scent that made me enjoy them. The mask in particular is rich and really has to be only used on the length as it made my roots greasy when I first tried it me being a noob with hair care.

Lee Stafford Flat Iron Protection Shine Mist

This for me is mainly about the scent as it keep my have fragrant throughout the day. I use a fair amount as I like to keep my hair protected from my Ghds. It took along time to empty it as I stopped straightening my hair last year for a long time but now it’s finished I’ve already picked up another mini version to replace it. The spray from the bottle is a little too direct so I spray it into the palm of my hand and work it through that way. This makes my hair nice and shiny and looking in better condition than it is.

The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturizer

I won’t be repurchasing this but only because I really didn’t like the classic vitamin e smell that most of this range has especially when it’s being applied all over my face you just can’t get away from it. Other than that I have cheaper moisturizers that work just as well but moisturizer better for longer. This would be fine for normal skin it just didn’t do enough for mine. I did enjoy the Intense version I had a sample off but for the price I have already found something to replace it.

Superdrug Optimum Advance Firm and Lift Serum

This was one of those things that I enjoyed using but as it was fairly pointed out won’t do much for me as it’s not suited to my age range. That been said it did hydrate my skin more and made it feel softer. This if you are looking to try a serum is a nice afford way to do it but I won’t repurchase it but I’m on the look out for one more suited to my mid twenties dry skin if any one has any suggestions withing budget?

N07 Protect and Perfect Eye Cream

This was really hydrating and to say it’s only 7 ml this really did just keep on going I’d say 6 – 8 weeks of day and night use. This stopped the dry patches and cleared some up completely which meant I could apply make up smoother. I’m trying a cheaper alternative at the moment but I may go back to this when I have more spare cash. I you do get this keeping on pushing to the very end as when I though it was ready to go with my other empties it lasted another week.