My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014

My Top 14 Make Up Of 2014


2014 is almost over. We can all look back to our best or worst memories of the last year and see that we made it to the end of it. For beauty bloggers it means seeing what make up we loved the most & what spring cleaning is needed as we head into 2015. I know make-up in it’s very basic form is superficial. What it means to me is a form of expression, what mood I’m in that day or the mood I want to be in. These are the beauty bits that have got me through the hot days & long nights. Continue reading “My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014”

Loved Lipsticks – The Ones Most Reached For …

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Last year I didn’t own any lipstick at all. For me lipstick was something my hands didn’t have the ability to master. I couldn’t get an even line or even just apply it to my lips without staining my face in the process. I didn’t trust myself not to end up smearing it across my face. The thought alone of needing to reapply it without any wipes as backup was daunting. When I started blogging it was my choice to change & start caring more about myself. Makeup for me adds a boost of confidence that allows my inner madness to be shown without words. Here are my most loved lipsticks.

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Deception – Topshop Lip Liner – FOTD

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Rimmel kate matte 107 and topshop deception lip liner

So this weekend has been really fun, we went to the cinema which feels like it’s been forever since we moved but got to see 300 : Rise of an Empire which was a good sequel but not what a lot of people will expect. We saw it in Imax 3D, the screen is massive so very immersive but I didn’t really feel the 3D made much impact it was all depth. I picked up the Coca Cola tee from Primark which was £6 so a bargain and I love all things Coca Cola branded.

With the cherry coke shade theme I decided to use my Topshop Lip Liner in Deception (which is out of stock online) which I got recently and applied this all over my lips as a base for the Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107. I ended up just dabbing the Rimmel lightly on top to darken the liner as I like the liners shade it’s quite a dark pink berry shade. I know that nude is making a come back and it seems to be everywhere on the red carpets but I just can’t put the dark shades away just yet. Its not officially spring until March 20th/21st so that’s when I will start trying out some softer looks. My base was all Mac as a few recent drugstore picks haven’t quite worked out for my pale skin. I did however get a new mascara, I pushed the boat out and spent a whole £1.50 while the 2True Pro Lengthening mascara is half price at Superdrug. Super cheap but I’m actually liking it but still getting to grips with the plastic spiky wand. Using the Bourjois Extreme black eye shadow and my setting spray I created a smudges eyeliner then finished the look off with a dab of Revlon cream blush on.

rimmel kate matte 107 and topshop lip liner 2

  • Revlon Cream Blush in Charmed £7.99
  • Urban Decay Setting Spray  30 ml £9
  • 2True Pro Lengthening Mascara £3
  • Mac Matchmaster Foundation £27
  • Mac Select Cover Up Concealer £15
  • Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick in 107 £5.49
  • Bourjois Extreme Black £6.99
  • Natural Collection in Crushed Walnut £1.99
  • Topshop Lip Liner in Deception £5

Bronze Eye Looks – Which Way To Go?

Bronze Eye Looks - Which Way To Go?
I realised last Saturday that I didn’t have as many bronze shades as I thought and in comparrison with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Kajal that many shades I own are more golden. I have the Maybelline Colour Tattoo in On and On Bronze and Macs Sable eyeshadow but even sable seems lighter than the eyeliner in question. So in a need to sort this out I have perused the web for ideas and would like to know if any above are anyones favourites or any others too. The Max Factor Max Effect Dip has caught my eye for a while but I just haven’t given it enough want to buy it yet. I also just noticed I’ve missed a Rimmel shadow stick in Bad Bronze and I do quite like those as I already have one in Bulletproof Beige, (would love to know who picks the names and gets paid for it).

ArtDeco Mineral Eyeshadow
£17 –

Wild About Beauty Eyeshadow
£13 –

MAC Cosmetics – Bronze Eyeshadow
£12.50 –

Barry M Bronze Dazzle Dust
£4.50 –

Scandaleyes Bronze Khol – Easy Christmas Glitz

I’ve been trying to contend with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Khol Kajal in Bronze ever since I bought it, I think it’s because I wanted to use it initially in the day time and because it has glitter in it I don’t think it works for that use. But I persisted and realised that this is the perfect night-time and Christmas party look.  That being said you could wear the Mac Sable in the day time then bring along the Scandaleyes and either the Gel eyeliner or even the Scandaleyes in black which would be easy to carry in your bag and quickly update your make up to suit going out in.

I’m really also getting a love for face wipes , not for removing all your make up but for fixing it. I found the Nivea Gentle Cleansing Wipes are great for taking off eye make up when I’m blending I like to use these to either reign myself back in or get a crisp line from the outer corner of my eye to my eyebrow as it draws the eye up making them appear more open.

Scandaleyes Bronze Khol - Easy Christmas Glitz - eyes

I applied the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Bronze first but I recommend sharpening it to give a thinner line underneath and I only went to the center of my eye. I find this tugs a little so short strokes work best, don’t work if the line goes higher or lower a but as long as you get a sold line in the end and go as close to the lash line as you can. Any mess can now be covered using the Mac Sable, it doesn’t have to be this bronze but it’s warmer and shimmers more than any of the other shades I own but swatch the ones you have and see what you can pair this with. I have realised I don’t own as many bronze shades as I thought so must look to get more. I finished this off with Maybellines Gel Eyeliner this is my fave as it’s such a deep black and easy to work with but if you have trouble you could do this Cheat For Tight Lining  I use all the time.

Below are all the bits I use to create this look , these are my bronze go to shades but what are yours?

Scandaleyes Bronze Khol - Easy Christmas Glitz