Dramatic Pinks – Fotd

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I feel like this could be the most non-spring look possible. I feel like I get away with it because it’s very pink! Not your every day pastels or sheer lip colours but something in your face & unapologetic. I guess most would wear this as a night time look but I did this in the day time & loved it. Strong eyes & strong lips complemented each other because my pale skin looked a little stark with just the eye make-up on. Either way let’s get down to how I put this one together, the base isn’t included as I did a very recent post on My Spring & Summer Foundation Routine.

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Bold Metals Real Techniques – 200 Oval Shadow Brush

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The Bold Metals luxe brushes are probably one of the most highly anticipated collections to hit the shelves of Boots. As an exclusive range to the drugstore this is one of the most expensive that isn’t on a beauty counter. I’m pretty new to Real Techniques so I don’t own many of the brushes due to avoiding the blog hype! I was wrong, I admit that I have seen the error of my ways!

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Real Techniques – Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush

Real Techniques - Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush - mi 1

As far as beauty bloggers go the brand Real Techniques is pretty much-loved to death. We can’t get enough of Pixiwoo on Youtube , if you haven’t seen Sam & Nic in action I suggest you watch their tutorials. They’re sister’s who while gracing us on Youtube with their knowledge of all things make-up related launched a few years back their make-up brush line. Continue reading “Real Techniques – Miracle Sponge v Buffing Brush”

My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014

My Top 14 Make Up Of 2014


2014 is almost over. We can all look back to our best or worst memories of the last year and see that we made it to the end of it. For beauty bloggers it means seeing what make up we loved the most & what spring cleaning is needed as we head into 2015. I know make-up in it’s very basic form is superficial. What it means to me is a form of expression, what mood I’m in that day or the mood I want to be in. These are the beauty bits that have got me through the hot days & long nights. Continue reading “My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014”