New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits – Part 1

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New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 fotd

When I see a new range out I can’t help but get a little excited. On the other hand I’m always wary about what a new brand can really bring to makeup that hasn’t been done already. I wasn’t all that interested in New Looks range to begin as the Kelly Brooks range didn’t suit me. When I made an online order recently I popped a few bits in extra to give them a try. I’ve split this post into two as it’s going to include mini reviews of everything I’ve used in the photo above. Everything is along the drugstore price range between £1.99 and £12.49. This first post will focus on eyes and the second base & lips.

New Look Pure Colour and Other Budget Bits - Part 1

The Eyes Have It

New Look Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Chestnut Brown £3.99

This was the first thing that tempted me as I just can’t get enough of copper & bronze shades. The packaging to me screams a cheap version of Mac not quiet as sleek but is solid enough to stay in one piece. The surface is embellished with diagonal lines which add a little something to it. Between the shade in the pan and the colour transferred but it’s still a nice shade. It’s a shimmery copper shade which you can pack on well or less for a softer look. The shimmer includes glitter but its super fine and the shade blends well to give more of a multi dimension colour. I liked how easy it was to blend out but there was some fall out I fixed with my Real Techniques sponge.

No7 Eye Colour Brush £7.25

I used this to pack colour on to the lid which it does well. I then use the flat rounded edge to slowly shape how far up I want the colour to go. I always go a little past the crease as my eyelids are hooded so this gives a bit more wow. This has also become my go to brush for getting a fine line of eyeshadow under the eyes as well.

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 eyes

No7 Blending Brush

I’m not sure the names correct but I think they still do this one. I think I may have had this about 7 years so even I’m surprised it’s lasted. It’s a little worse for wear but is still hanging on. This is basically my budget version of my Mac 217 but with a more rounded shape than the oval 217. I don’t know if it’s called the blending brush but it’s what I’ve got most use out of it for. I think this was replaced with the No7 Blend & Contour brush ( £7.25).

Beauty Uk Twist Pencil in Black £2.49

The product in the pencil isn’t half bad. It’s decently opaque and goes on quiet smooth but the actual packaging is pants. The product is very loose from the plastic case so when you twist it up it wobbles. This makes it fiddly & sometimes it even twists back down while you’re trying to apply it. When I do get it to work though I did manage to get a pretty fine line. It did fail rather quickly in the waterline so that was pointless too.

Maybelline Great Lash Big £4.99

So just to start with the link for this is the right one, every time I’ve mensionsed this one it seemed like it didn’t exist. This is just like the original Great Lash which I’ve been a long time fan of. This one has a bigger brush & seems a little more clump free,it’s the first mascara I’ve felt like I can build up past one coat without clumping. I used this recently for a makeup free makeup photo for a rail card & it looked natural on my blonde lashes.

Top Shop Brows in Brown £6

This was a random pick up after I bought the Eyelure crayon one (which F.Y.I is awful). It was on the hopes of replacing my Mac brow pencil for something cheaper when I finish it. This is pretty much the same shade as Macs Lingering but in a pencil you have to sharpen. It’s a lot softer in texture which I’m still borderline on how much I like this, I definitely prefer the Mac but I could work with it. I do like the Spoolie end of it as it really tames them well & makes using the pencil easier for filling sparse areas.

I’d love to hear your favourite brow products as I’m still at a loss to find the perfect one for me.


After Bath / Shower Routine

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After Bath Shower Routine - mi


After bath routine? When I was younger I couldn’t wait to get out of the bath like it was chore that I was made to go through. Now it’s my happy place, my space to relax and unwind and just simply allow my aching bones to rest. When I was little a big part of it was because of the dermatitis I had and after a bath it involved cream and ointments being applied that were either sticky or smelly. It’s taken a long time to pull away from that way of thinking and recently I’ve really stuck myself to a good routine that’s enjoyable. Before I get into this I usually do my skin care routine so it’s free from any extra product on my hands getting on my face.

After Bath – Feet First

My biggest hate about getting out after a super long soak are my feet feeling dry. I spend most of the day on them and the are nicknamed my man feet  because their a size 9 and I do technically a man job ( but I do it better lol). For a long time I just used body butters but they can feel a little too greasy especially on wooden, tiled or lino floors. It’s a slippery mess so I tried The Body Shop Peppermint foot lotion (£8 250 ml) out first. With this I tend to use too much and it’s too wet if that makes sense it just takes too long to rub in. I replaced this with the Intensive Foot Rescue (£9 100 ml) version. You get a lot less but you use a lot less. It’s like a really thick creamy balm but it spreads out enough to cover all your foot but then sinks into it. That and the N07 Foot Balm (£9.95 75 ml) work for me very similar except The Body Shop is very peppermint scented good for tired feet and the N07 is there signature scent which is more I’m ready for bed and so are my feet.

After Bath – Body Butter Me Up

We all know the best time to do this is straight from the bath. I was told that leaving your skin wet also helps , myth or not it’s not for me. Me moisturising is all about how much I can be bother to do it. I don’t not do it but if I’m tired or rushed I go for The Body Shop Coconut Milk Lotion (£8 250 ml). I can spray this on to all the places I ‘m gonna use it and you don’t get it running or dripping off as you use it. Just put it down and then you have both hands to rub it all in. This dries off pretty quick so you don’t get your jim jams (PJ’s) sticking to you. It smell amazing as well which is a big plus. The other if I’m taking my time and want really soft skin is the N07 is the Quenched Moisturising Lotion (£10.50 200 ml). It takes more work to rub in and I would say it’s closer to a body butter in thickness than a lotion. It doesn’t mix well if your skins still wet but just takes a little longer to rub in. I do you other Body butters but usually later on when I’m heading towards going to sleep.

After Bath – Hair Raising Fun

I can’t get over how much I love the Scent of the Dove Nourishing Oil Care Condition (£3.59 200 ml) I use this after baths every time. Smells amazing and makes my hair super soft, to say I use this on dry hair as well I can’t believe I’m only about half way through the bottle. I have super long hair and spray a hefty amount all the way through. I then finish off with a little of the John Freida Extra Strength Serum (£6.29 50 ml). I don’t regularly blow dry my hair but this just adds a little shine and tames the frizzy bits. I love the coarse version as when I do blow dry it just helps make it a hell of a lot less like a lions mane.




Minimise My Pores Please…

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Pore Minimisers - sanctuary porefessional no7 - dupes are a girls best friend

For every hair on the body there is a skin pore with it. We have around 5 millions pores all over our body but just a small percentage are visible to the naked eye and I intend to minimise this however I can. Pores so large that black heads form in them easily however much we clean. As I’ve said before I’m on a little bit of a mission, to downsize and just plain clear out or cover them up anyway I can…

Minimise Pores – Clean them, shrink them or conceal

These are the few products I’ve tried recently to minimise them in my skin care and makeup routine that may work for you too.

Sanctuary – Pore Refining Toner £2.99 30 ml

For as long as this has been in the travel minis section at Boots I’ve told myself I’d pick it up and give it a go. Sadly to say I shouldn’t have bothered. OK so the 30 ml only lasted for around 14 uses so that’s day and night for a week but I expected at least something by then. As a toner in general it’s fine but I had hopes for more but didn’t spot any difference what so ever. The only thing I did find was at the end of the week my clear skin ended up with spots. I’ve gone back to The Body Shop Tea Tree Toner and it’s taken a few weeks but my skin is almost back to normal.

N07 – Pore Vacuum £14 50 ml

An odd-looking green peel of mask, nothing like the cheap tea tree ones from Boots mind you. At £14 this isn’t cheap but it has helped clear the pores in my nose a huge amount. I’ve used this around a month and in the last 2 weeks I’ve used it almost every other day just on my nose and I’d say I have about a third left. It smells a little funny but I think it’s worth it. If you wanna know more head over to the full review.

Benefit – Porefesional Primer £24.50 22 ml

Unlike any other silicone primer I’ve used this is a matte skin toned balm. The smooth texture seems to fill my pores in and blur the visibility before you even apply make up. Certain foundations don’t work with this  but I either use it under a powder foundation otherwise I’d sample foundations first along with it as on certain ones this can make the foundation roll into bits, not a good look. I nearly found the perfect match in Smashbox Photo Studio Skin but I couldn’t get a light enough colour match. The thing is this product is worth the time to find a base match for it. Yes it’s £24.50 but you use so little each time that you get your moneys worth out of it. This is my perfect camouflage even if my skin isn’t great underneath. I like to apply this to my cheeks otherwise you can see my pores when I apply powder blush of foundation.

I’m always on the look out for more ways to minimise those pores so f you have any good ones please let me know and comment below

Jess x x x


Pore Vacuum Mask No7

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N07 Pore Vacuum Mask Review - Product

If there’s one thing I have to deal with as much a spots it’s dealing with the pores that they live in. The pores on my nose are big and they cause so much trouble by the black heads that form in them. I can do a cover up with my Benefit Porefessional primer and fill them in which is a great temporary solution but I’m on a mission to find a way to clean and maybe even reduce the size of those pores. No7 have created a few product with this in mind and when I got a £5 voucher last month I went for the Pore Vacuum Mask by No7.

N07 Pore Vacuum Mak - On Skin

Isn’t that a lovely sight, I spend all my time in photos trying to minimise the attention to my nose and those evil pores only to go and cover it in a green sticky mask and add it to the internet. To put it bluntly this smells about a good as it looks it’s a strange herbal grassy smell. It says to use the pore mask once or twice a week on your nose and t-zone. Personally I’ve used it after I’ve had a bath which is every other day and have had no issue with it.

Isn’t this just another peel off mask? No

The Pore Vacuum – What You Can Expect From It

That green shade means you never have to wonder where you actually put it unlike most being clear.It’s much thicker and sticks in place , it does move a little while it dries but only very slightly.Yes it dries! Unlike most peel off masks it actually sets , you can see it turn a darker green shade and because it’s a bottle you can apply it just where you want it without wasting it.If you apply it too thin it will dry but it will flake and end up every where. If you keep the edges of the area you use it on clean and similar thickness all over it will come off in large pieces very cleanly, the only exception I’ve found is the bottom edge of your nose where you sometime apply concealer doesn’t always dry completely. As a warning this does pull some hairs out of your face so avoid eyebrows but if you wish to thin out any unwanted hair this does it gradually. I also find this a lot less painful than the pore strips to remove. You can use it where ever you want, I miss my t-zone out but do my nose and sometimes apply it to my chin. On the weekends when I straighten my hair I’ll apply this while I do and remove it an hour later with no trouble.

For me continual use has cleaned my pores out and reduced the number of black heads I seem to get. It’s not permanent but it has helped way more than the usual ones, they only bit I can’t agree on is any reduction in pore size. If I do I’ll let you know in whichever empties post this ends up in.

Will I repurchase ?

I think I might do, I’ve been looking into the Pore Minimising Serum and the Skin Deep Pore Purifier that accompanies it. Maybe a combo will work better but for now its cleaning and camoflaging those pesky pores.

Latest Skincare Routine – Low to Mid Level Budget

I change out products pretty much as often as I finish each of them up. I don’t usually end up with more than two of something at any one time. I have upped my game in skin care over the last 6 months and it’s taken this long to incorporate the extra steps in a morning. I do think they are well worth doing at what ever price range your working with. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much it’s made a difference to my skin.So On with the routine in order of use:

skincare routine

Cleanser – Lush Let The Good Times Roll

This is the second pot and I have about a fifth left of this one. It smells gorgeous and is in a paste form. I wet my face first scoop a bit out about my little finger nail size blob then apply and work it over my face. It has fine grain like particles that give a mini exfoliation at the same time. I do enjoy it but because of the bits it slows me down when I come to take it off. I usually go over my face 2-3 times with a warm damp flannel to get the bits of my face and because of this time in a morning it takes extra I’m going to pick up something a bit simpler. I’d use it only at night if I could but then there is a best before with fresh Lush products.

Toner – The Body Shop Tea Tree

This at face value is good but if you have sensitive skin then it likely won’t suit you as it’s quite a tingle even on me and I usually don’t get feeling. It’s stronger smelling that the Lush Tea Tree Water and I feel like this is doing more to help my spots it’s like an inbetween strength of the Lush and the Origins Spot Treatment. I like it in use but before you get that you have to shake the powder that settles at the bottom of the bottle. This gets annoying shaking it every morning and night just to use it. I will finish it but will likely also try something a little quicker.

Eye Cream – N07 Perfect and Protect

This I got for free from my sister as she pointed out I don’t want to have baggy wrinkly eyes when I get to her age. I only see this as more of a preventative measure. I know this isn’t a cure and it’s a long-term benefit. On the other hand it’s very hydrating at the time and as I have a little bit of Psoriasis at the inner corner of each eye this has been moisturising enough that over a month of using it has practically vanished. No more concealer clinging to it and putting a look at me sign on my under eyes.

Serum – Superdrug Optimum Advance Firm and Lift

This is the first one I’ve used so I can’t compare and it’s made for someone more mature than me but beyond that I can tell the improvement it’s made. My overall skin texture has improved because it’s more hydrated and my skin feels much softer and plumped especially on my cheeks. I find my powder products sit better overall. This is also a low price at just £4.49 for 30 ml so I would recommend it for someone just beginning to find their feet with getting a routine together. If I can’t find something else along this price then I would keep using it until I can afford something more.

Moisturiser – Day – The Body Shop Vitamin E

Another freebie this time from my mum. I’m not a fan of the Vitamin E range but only because I don’t like the smell so I’ve just avoided it. I started on this last month as I didn’t have any others. This is however a good moisturiser for normal skin but on my dry patches of Psoriasis it wasn’t enough and when I picked up the sample of the Intense version in store this solved that and doesn’t have the same odd smell. I think I would replace it with the intense one when I run out.

Moisturiser – Night – Tesco Hydrating Night Cream

What can I say it was a £1 and I saw it about a fortnight ago and added it into my food delivery order. It’s basic white packaging and a little bit of cucumber smelling fragrance to it but other than that , I like it. It shocked me just how nice it was, it looks thick in the pot but it sinks in as quick as the body shop one and I do think it has helped that little bit extra. They don’t test on animals but I can’t say this doesn’t have a random list of chemicals I don’t understand on the side. It is what it is and for such a cheap price I like that I can incorporate it in and enjoy it too.

Spot Control – Origins Super Spot Remover

This is probably the most expensive random purchase I’ve made. It’s £14 for 10ml. That being said I got this in August and I use it almost every day sometimes more than once and it’s about 1/3 of the way through. Use a cotton bud and squeeze the bottle gently to get a little out the apply just to where you need it. If you don’t it can dry normal skin out. This is good and it’s lasted so I have no reason to change it but it probably does a similar job to just using tea tree oil. I can say when I occasionally get massive under the skin spots I use it religiously for a week and they go back down before they even break through the skin surface. If you do this always moisturise afterwards.

What I will leave you with is the idea that it’s better to clean your face than not. At whatever level of skincare you can mange that’s better than nothing. A cheap cleanser, toner and moisturiser has to be better than cheap face wipes…