How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Date Night #fotd

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Date Night Fotd - products

I’m pretty sure whatever I do with my hair I will still have that daft fluffy bit on top. My hair looks shockingly straight otherwise. A little bit more so to a discovery that I’ll be sharing in the week. We ummed and ahhed all of Saturday if we were gonna go to the cinema and it wasn’t until the good hair day hit that I decided it must not be wasted. We both wanted to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 as we loved the first one so much. We didn’t have much time so I had to choose my make up carefully and it did end up in a bit of a dash to not miss the bus but we managed.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 – Fotd

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Date Night Fotd

I knew that I wanted to give my new Mac Pro Longwear Lipcreme in Positively Dashing a chance so I worked with that in mind. Another berry shade that drew me in with the long wear promise in mind. I used the Clinique All About Lips to prep them also a new addition it’s a creamy serum up apply to and around the edge of your lips. I first applied primers, the Benefit Porefessional to my nose and the Nivea Hydrating primer to mainly any areas where spots were finally disappearing. For my base I used the Mac Select Cover-Up under my eyes and any spots the went over with the Mac Studio Fix Powder to give an even finish. I then applied the Clinique All Over Colour to my cheeks and fixed this with the Urban Decay Setting Spray which I’m worried I’ve almost used up this one. The eyes were pretty simple just the repeatedly used Natural Collection shadow for my eyebrows which I’m trying to find something to replace it that doesn’t need a brush. I applied the Benefit Lemonaid to my eyelids right up to the brow, it corrects any redness I have. You do have to set it with a powder which I just used a pale matte from the Mua Undress Me Too palette. The final piece to finish the look was the Bare Minerals Cake Liner, you can’t get this particular shade as it is discontinued but the product is still available. You use it pretty much the same way I do with the Bourjois Intense using the Urban Decay Setting Spray to make it liquid. The Bare Minerals cake liner is very pigmented and you only need a tiny amount with an angled brush to do both eyes. It’s very easy and any fixing is easily done with a wet cotton bud.

How To Train Your Dragon 2 Date Night toothless

Should You see How To Train Your Dragon 2?

Hell yes. Kids will love it and we definelty did. If I’m been honest though we saw it in Imax and you really don’t need too. 3D was good but enough to add something a bit extra to the film. I love that it’s set 5 years on from the first so the characters have developed. I did nearly cry so I’m just warning you there are a few very sad scenes. I love seeing toothless though so it was well worth it I wanted the model above it was so cute.


Patience Is A Virtue #fotd

Patience Is A Virtue? For me this means very little but when it comes to makeup practice really does make perfect. Continue reading “Patience Is A Virtue #fotd”

Natural Collection – Base Trilogy

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Natural Collection Face Base & Blush - products

I’m pretty sure if you live in the UK and have walked into a Boots you’ll almost always and a lot of the time bypass the Natural Collection display for the many other more interesting looking make up. There’s nothing wrong with that and for a long time I’ve done that myself. Even after realising that for maybe the last 8 months I couldn’t live without my eyeshadow in Crushed Walnut by them. It’s my perfect shade for my eyebrows and I haven’t found anything that I’ve even fancied trying to replace it with. Even with this I only recently revisited looking at the brand. I’ve been having not so much skin issues but foundation fails as in everything that normally works for me just feels like it looks a mess. This is why I tried them out, back to some very basic products that have pleasantly surprised me. This is a really affordable brand that has bee overlooked all too often.

Natural Collection Face Base & Blush - me - mi

Natural Collection Face Base & Blush - swatchish
L to R – Tinted Moisturiser – Fair, Loose Powder – Neutral Translucent and Powder Blush – Rosey Glow

Natural Collection – Tinted Moisturiser

Due to the fact that the brand is so very basic this only comes in three shades. I tested out the shade Fair which I picked and was happy with it. You really have to not look at the shade above an assume that’s what your going to get as it’s a moisturiser the shade blends out and only gives a light coverage. This didn’t cake up on me it feels like a very balmy thick moisturiser but you can just blend it out and layer more on if you have dry skin like me. It’s not gonna win any awards for doing anything spectacular but it’s a basic prep for your skin. You can tell it’s evened you out but not covered much.

Natural Collection – Loose Powder

Another good basic to have which this is the first one I’ve had where I’ve actually used it. Not because others were no good but I just hear everyone say they are such a big faff to mess around using I avoided them. This one is the neutral translucent shade which it is but compared with the tinted moisturiser this is a few shades lighter. It’s not what you would count as the most finely milled ever but it works just fine with my N07 face brush. If anything it when I opened it I didn’t end up with that puff of smoke effect you normally get that’s quickly followed by a fit of sneezing. Between the two they actually made the pores on my nose not so noticable.

Natural Collection – Blushed Cheeks

When I first swatched this I thought something was wrong with it as it just seemed like there was no pay off in colour what so ever. I left it then had a go with a blusher brush and it’s not highly pigmented but it is buildable. This would be great for someone not used to using blush as it’s hard to go far wrong with it. The shade Rosey Glow is very similar almost a matte dupe of the Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Colour in Poppy Plum, it doesn’t sit out of place it’s like the perfect natural flush. No shimmer in it and if somehow you did go overboard you can always go back over with the loose powder.

Natural Collection Face Base & Blush - me close up

This trilogy together gives a nice matte based that doesn’t look powdery at all. It’s smoothed out the surface of my skin and looks completely natural even though this is a big improvement from what I started with. I haven’t worn any concealer with it even though i have the left over on a few spots it’s still blured them out a little which is enough for me.

The best part about this set is they are all just £1.99 each and whenever theres a 3 for 2 on Natural Collection is 99% on that offer. If you have a Boots Advantage card you and you want to but something from the Natural Collection brand there is always a 50p in points voucher you can print off in store at the Advatage card machine.

I got all these for £3.98 + 50 Boots points.


Waste No Time #fotd

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It may seem like an obvious concept but Sundays you either get nothing done and just relax or get everything you couldn’t otherwise get done the rest of the week. If your leaving the house do you have to be done up to perfection. A little goes a long way and spring is here so make the most of the sun.

Why Waste Time fotd - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - fotd

Waste No Time – What I Wore

For my base I want as little as possible so I can get used to these warmer days without getting flustered. So I have been testing out the Smashbox Studio Finish Foundation. I still think it’s a great buildable base I just need an equivalent high-end or a good dupe as the shades just aren’t light enough. I have only a very thin layer on just to even my complexion out. On top I have powdered my t-zone lightly with Macs Studio Fix Plus as it’s great for setting and keeping the oils at bay.As it’s closer to my natural shade when it’s over the Smashbox it also helps to illuminate the center or my face giving more shape to it.

On the lips I just used the Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Sultry. I few quick swipes is all it takes and for me it’s an easy touch up if I do need to. Brows are filled with my old faithful Natural Collection eye shadow in Crushed Walnut as they tend to start to lighten at this time of year, by summer they will be blonde. My new fave mascara and a super budget buy at just £3 is the 2True Pro Wow Volumising in Black. It’s easy to apply with the plastic wand and up to now rarely clumps and coats them to a deep black shade. I finished off by adding a hint of colour to my cheeks with the wonderful and cheap Makeup Academy blush in Bon Bon at just £1.

In an effort to waste little time I didn’t even straighten my hair I just let it dry for an hour then finished it with a blow dry. Later in the week I’ll let you know the new products I’ve been using including the brand BlowPro. I’ve already mentioned the BlowPro Faux Dry Shampoo here.

Why Waste Time fotd - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - products - mi

FOTD – Inc Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte Lipstick

If you’ve meandered around my blog before you may notice I have acquired a liking for matte lipsticks. This is simply on the theory they should last longer and be less fuss to deal with. I like to apply my make up and then not have to worry if it’s half way down my face by the end of the day. On a recent trip into Selfridges I picked up a Bobbi Brown Creamy Matte lipstick in Razzberry. This is unlike anything I’ve tried before and I love the shade and the texture is just  not like other mattes. So I road tested this today on a trip to the cinema and then onto Pizza Express to have a late birthday treat. I’m still sticking with my resolution of getting healthy and I’m pointing with weight watcher and even though it’s not exactly good for you I’m still within my limits.

Bobbi Brown Razzberry

I applied my foundation and concealer with my fingers as I still think this is the best way this goes on. I paired this look with a simple eye shadow look with Maybelline in Naked Beige over the inner two thirds and then the Natural Collection in Chocolate on the outer edge and crease to add a little depth. I also used Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude in the water line to brighten my eyes. I used the Lush Santa Lip Scrub as prep along with lip balm but other than that I used the lipstick alone straight from the bullet. The Mua blush is highly pigmented so you have to be careful and this took a couple of attempts to get right without looking like a rag doll.

Face Of The Day Bobbi Brown Razzberry 1