A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!

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That’s my story & I’m sticking to it! I’ve been pretty good for most of the year, after my birthday in January I mainly bought small bits of make-up or the essentials to keep my skin ticking over. I can’t do without my skincare so getting new make-up didn’t seem as important, it wasn’t like I’d run out of anything! However for a few months I saved up to have one big crazy spend which I’m now hauling for you. Continue reading “A Huge Haul – A Bit Of Everything!”

A More Affordable Face – #Fotd + Mini Reviews

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I think sometimes when I look at my make-up & decide what to use it can be a little too often I pick the expensive pieces up first. It’s not that I’m a snob but that I don’t want to waste it sitting there in my room gathering dust. However I noticed I do have a lot of drugstore beauty bits that are great & work just as well as their expensive counterparts. These aren’t super cheap but drugstore is much more affordable than most  so here’s a full face that’s drugstore only make-up.

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Fresh Faced Fotd – Still Me, But More Refined

Fresh Faced Fotd - Still Me, But More Refined

I love getting creative with makeup, even though I’m yet to perfect that feline flick! I will often make Saturday about trying out something a bit different like the recent affair I’m having with the Clinique’s Black Honey range or simply a strong lip shade like Bobbi Browns Razzberry that stands out, it creates a focal point. However if I just want to look like me but better then I have certain go to make-up that just works. I suppose it’s really my no make-up, make-up routine as it does have such a natural fresh faced finish to it. Continue reading “Fresh Faced Fotd – Still Me, But More Refined”

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits – Part 2

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New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 2 - mi

This is part two of my New Look Pure Colour mini reviews, including the other budget pieces I’ve use to create this look. For part one which is all about the eyes see Part 1 where I’ve written about the eyeshadow. This one is all about the (base bout the base no treble) ok so digressing with Meghan Trainor’s track that’s now stuck in my head.

Cause I’m All About That Lip & Base

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 2 - mi 2

New Look Pure Colour Lip Liner £1.99

When I picked these few bits from New Looks new beauty range Pure Colour this was fancied but not loved. I’m not used to nude lip colours & this wasn’t something I was keen on straight out of the bag. I did like that the packaging was very sleek & black a little Nars-esque. It’s a sturdy pencil that need sharpening but the formula is creamy and easy to apply. When I first wore this the peachy tone was a bit crazy for me but I think I’m growing to love it. One of the things I like about blogging is having photos of my make-up and seeing the photo above has made me like it more. I wore this with my Neutrogena Nordic Berry lip balm to add some shine. Let me know what you think.

Natural Collection Blusher in Rosey Glow £1.99

This is one of those things where you have a product and like it then forget about it. Not anymore! This is ridiculously beautiful but super cheap, it’s as finely milled as any other powder blush I own. Just at a super decent price! It’s a matte shade that’s just as the name describes, it adds a warmth to my pale skin without looking too flushed.

Revlon Colorstay Normal/Dry Foundation in Buff £12.49

Now I’ve already mentioned this one a fair few times but it’s happening again. Out of all the drugstore foundations I’ve tried up to now this has been my favourite. It has a pale enough shade that has no orange tones what so ever. I can apply this sheer & build it up just in the areas I need it without the cakey-ness (yes it’s not a “word” – meh!). The only thing that could make it better would be a pump & maybe a plastic bottle for travel.


After trying these pieces from the Pure Colour range I’m still wanting to get some more bits. I think it maybe other lip liner shades and the lipsticks next.

Easy Eyes – Brows, Lashes & Eyeshadow – For £10.98

Easy Eyes - Brows, Lashes & Eyeshadow - All For Under 10 eyes

Easy Eyes – Why?

I’m pretty sure this is self-explanatory but to be able to do you brows, lashes & eyeshadow all for just under £11 is pretty darn good. Even if you only use this as an easy eyes emergency set you can pick up in most town centers. It’s not meant to be that wow factor but a quick polished pick me up when you want to make the effort but don’t have time. I do this look often as a general daily makeup if I’m going to the shops. It only takes a few minutes and could easily be paired with a nude lipstick as much as your favourite red without looking out of place.

I like to add some brightness to the eye and some depth to the crease but still very natural. The brush I have above has been discontinued (link below is to the replacement). It has flat bristles with a curved edge allowing for laying down colour and using the very tips of the brush to get right into the crease with accuracy. The mascara gives a good coat of black to define the eyes and open them up. The brows for me at the moment are just a way to darken the blonde bits that stand out like a sore thumb. I’ve been using this for over a year and I still go back to it even when trying other brow products. The angled brush is perfect for getting the shadow just onto the hairs or with its fine edge getting powder into sparse areas of the brow. You can also use the base shade as a matte highlighter under the brow to define them.


Products For Easy Eyes

  1. Wilko Eyeliner Brush – Carnaby £1 (brows)
  2. Natural Collection Eyeshadow – Crushed Walnut – £1.99 (brows)
  3. Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow – Touch Me – £1 (base shade)
  4. Natural Collection Eyeshadow – Milk Chocolate – £1 (crease)
  5. Wilko Eye Makeup Brush – Carnaby – £1 (eyes)
  6. 2true Wow Mascara – Black – £3 (lashes)

Total Cost For Easy Eyes = £10.98