Korres For Dry Damaged Hair Splurge or Save?

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I love doing crazy things with my hair which is why I’m so adventurous with dying it. I’m on a red streak which you can see in my post on Adding Some Extra Red With Directions. I’ve gone down a less damaging route by getting it dyed at a hair salon then keeping it topped up with Directions in Pillarbox Red. I’m more willing to step outside of the drugstore for my hair care, but is it worth it & can you tell the difference? I’ve recently been using¬†two brands that both have a high natural ingredient content, both meant for dry damaged or frizzy hair which is just me all over!

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May Favourites

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I know we are already a week into June & this should be up already but I fail sometimes, usually most times with timing! As for my favourites I’ve really been loving hair products this month which features heavily in this post. Funnily enough except for one product its mainly drugstore buys which have piqued my interest the most in the month of may.

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Adding Some Extra Red With Directions

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This was taken yesterday, honestly I only had make-up on because I looked dead otherwise as I’m still getting over being ill. Over the last week as I’ve washed my hair I was getting a bit anxious as it felt like the ends of my hair were washing out into a ginger shade. Me being me I couldn’t let it rest & on Friday night I experimented with Directions Hair Colours. Before you begin unless your hair is blonde or has been lightened (bleached) Directions won’t lift your hair colour. If you have dark hair to begin with it won’t do much of anything. I had mine lightened & dyed red last week which is why it’s work well on mine which you can see in my Red Hair Don’t Care post.

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