My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014

My Top 14 Make Up Of 2014


2014 is almost over. We can all look back to our best or worst memories of the last year and see that we made it to the end of it. For beauty bloggers it means seeing what make up we loved the most & what spring cleaning is needed as we head into 2015. I know make-up in it’s very basic form is superficial. What it means to me is a form of expression, what mood I’m in that day or the mood I want to be in. These are the beauty bits that have got me through the hot days & long nights. Continue reading “My Top 14 Make-Up Of 2014”

Mascara Wars – Great Lash Big ‘V’ 3D Volume

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Mascara Wars - Great Lash Big 'V' 3D Volume - tim

When it comes to mascara I really don’t get that excited about it compared with other make-up. On my budget mascara lands around a cost verses how long it will last. Mascara just doesn’t last long enough for me to justify the cost which is why I’m a drugstore girl at heart. I haven’t tried many but I like to give them a decent go but I don’t expect miracles for my money. So when my 2014 mascara favourite was given a new and improved contender I just had to put my two penneth in with…

Mascara Wars

What I Want In A Mascara

When I look for a mascara it might not be how you would choose one. I always go for blackest black in any brand and I’m not looking for false lash effects either. I want a smooth application that doesn’t irritate my eyes which love to water up. I really hate spiders to begin with so I don’t want all my lashes to be stuck together, oh and clumps are a deal breaker. See I don’t ask for much!

I just want one coat, quick application & no itches!

 Mascara Wars – The Contenders

Mascara Wars - Great Lash Big v 3D Volumecollage

Mascara Wars – The 2014 Classic – Revlon 3D Volume

As recommended by another blog I really did get on well with this one and at £10.99 it’s probably at the high-end of my mascara spending. It has one of those plastic comb type wands with very fine tips and a spikey end to catch every lash. It’s a very wet formula to begin with but it didn’t clump the lashes together but defined them more. My big problem was the spikes were so fine they did feel scratchy, I didn’t like using this for my bottom lash. A good few times I did try it & ended up involuntary blinking giving me A Clockwork Orange kinda of look! I liked that I could get the very inner lashes on my eye which are very blonde. It coats them in a blackest black shade but I wouldn’t say it lengthens but it does give some curl to them. This will last you a fair time but I’m going to say goodbye to this one as it has started to clump which it never used to do.

Mascara Wars – The New Old Love – Maybelline Great Lash Big

When I was much younger I was completely stuck to using Maybelline’s Great Lash. I just felt like it got what I was about, I needed colour on my mousey lashes and to make them stand out more as I rarely wore eyeshadow of any kind. Mascara was the thing make-up wise I could manage without messing up. I trusted and stuck with it for a long time but us girls do love to flit to others too. When I saw Great Lash on the shelves with a New sign with it that was all it took to pull me back in. I’m a sucker for any products new & improved. The new Big version has a new huge wand and a rebooted formula at the bargain price of £4.99. More along the tradition bristle brush type of wand I instantly fell back in with why I got on with it all those years ago. This is almost fool proof as the wand covers most of your lashes in one or too brushes through. The formula means that you can go back over while it’s wet & go back through as much as you like if you want to adjust your lashes. I haven’t had this clump once yet or had to take it off and start again. This is the mascara for girls that want natural enhanced lashes for every day use which is basically me.

The Winner Is…

Well it’s Maybelline of course that have won me back, my only problem is I haven’t seen these in very many stores in the UK. I got mine in Superdrug & keep looking out for it as I’m going to get another just in case hopefully. If not my solution maybe to buy an original and see if the wand fits the pot as I think it’s the same. You can seem to get it on Superdrug’s website but I rarely order anything online (see link on price above).


Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK – 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

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Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later - products

I just love finding new make-up especially when I didn’t even know we had it here in the UK. When I spied this Leather Effect Color Tattoo from Maybelline in Boots I just knew I had to have it. A big fan of the originals of which I have three (On & On Bronze, Timeless Black & Pomegranate). This is in Creamy Beige which I thought would be a good base shade. Their are 5 shades but I’ve only seen this one and vintage plum which I didn’t think would suit me. These are £4.99 each.

So rich. So creamy. Only our cream gel eye shadow formula gets the look of couture leather so right. – Maybelline

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later- eyes

Creamy Beige Leather Effect

Saturday mid-day I decided that I really fancied going to the cinema & get a dose of Cumberbatch in The Imitation Game (well worth seeing!). I’m no Cumberbitch as his loyal fans are refered to but I do find him interesting. When I have a new piece of make-up I just have to swatch it on my hand. It’s a matte beige but it still has sparkle it feels like a contradiction but it works. First the new piece then I try out what I think will work with it, above is the final combo. Firstly when I used my finger to do this you can feel it’s a much drier formula that the original. The leather effect seems harder to work with using my finger so when I applied it with the No7 Eye Colour brush to pat down the colour on to my lid. This worked easily and gave me control of how high I went with the shade. Next came my blending brush which is also No7 but was discontinued it’s basically the same as a Mac 217. You have to blend this pretty quickly as it sets but there’s no reason you can’t add a bit at a time where you want more.

For more of a definition between the leather effect and my brow I applied Macs Mont Blanc eyeshadow. It’s a very finely milled matte shadow so it brightens & softens the gap without it looking like it’s really there.I finally found a use for the Whiskey shade on my Urban Decay Naked 24/7 Eye pencil. I finally get why everyone and their mum loves them. If I can manage to line my eyes then anyone can, this stuck around even in my waterline.

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

My theory on the “leather effect” is it’s more matte than the others. The formula applied a very thin layer that’s almost like when you describe foundation as being a second skin. Without the fine glitter it would look very two-dimensional & this suits more of a day to-night look where you could amp it up with a lipstick.

8 Hours Later

Leather Effect Color Tattoo in UK - 1st Impressions + 8 Hours Later

Let’s just say it yellow lighting sucks but you can still see that after 8 hours of wear almost all of my eye make-up is still there. There’s a bit of the leather effect missing in the crease but other than that it’s all there. I was really pleased how long this lasted on me I don’t have oily lids but others tend to look worse after this length of time. My Maybelline Big Great Lash also stood the test of time & even the UD eyeliner did too. Will it last 24 hours? I’m still doubting that one but then again who really has their make-up on that long. Would it last for a night out? I think it would do better that most eyeshadow.

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits – Part 1

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New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 fotd

When I see a new range out I can’t help but get a little excited. On the other hand I’m always wary about what a new brand can really bring to makeup that hasn’t been done already. I wasn’t all that interested in New Looks range to begin as the Kelly Brooks range didn’t suit me. When I made an online order recently I popped a few bits in extra to give them a try. I’ve split this post into two as it’s going to include mini reviews of everything I’ve used in the photo above. Everything is along the drugstore price range between £1.99 and £12.49. This first post will focus on eyes and the second base & lips.

New Look Pure Colour and Other Budget Bits - Part 1

The Eyes Have It

New Look Pure Colour Eyeshadow in Chestnut Brown £3.99

This was the first thing that tempted me as I just can’t get enough of copper & bronze shades. The packaging to me screams a cheap version of Mac not quiet as sleek but is solid enough to stay in one piece. The surface is embellished with diagonal lines which add a little something to it. Between the shade in the pan and the colour transferred but it’s still a nice shade. It’s a shimmery copper shade which you can pack on well or less for a softer look. The shimmer includes glitter but its super fine and the shade blends well to give more of a multi dimension colour. I liked how easy it was to blend out but there was some fall out I fixed with my Real Techniques sponge.

No7 Eye Colour Brush £7.25

I used this to pack colour on to the lid which it does well. I then use the flat rounded edge to slowly shape how far up I want the colour to go. I always go a little past the crease as my eyelids are hooded so this gives a bit more wow. This has also become my go to brush for getting a fine line of eyeshadow under the eyes as well.

New Look Pure Colour & Other Budget Bits - Part 1 eyes

No7 Blending Brush

I’m not sure the names correct but I think they still do this one. I think I may have had this about 7 years so even I’m surprised it’s lasted. It’s a little worse for wear but is still hanging on. This is basically my budget version of my Mac 217 but with a more rounded shape than the oval 217. I don’t know if it’s called the blending brush but it’s what I’ve got most use out of it for. I think this was replaced with the No7 Blend & Contour brush ( £7.25).

Beauty Uk Twist Pencil in Black £2.49

The product in the pencil isn’t half bad. It’s decently opaque and goes on quiet smooth but the actual packaging is pants. The product is very loose from the plastic case so when you twist it up it wobbles. This makes it fiddly & sometimes it even twists back down while you’re trying to apply it. When I do get it to work though I did manage to get a pretty fine line. It did fail rather quickly in the waterline so that was pointless too.

Maybelline Great Lash Big £4.99

So just to start with the link for this is the right one, every time I’ve mensionsed this one it seemed like it didn’t exist. This is just like the original Great Lash which I’ve been a long time fan of. This one has a bigger brush & seems a little more clump free,it’s the first mascara I’ve felt like I can build up past one coat without clumping. I used this recently for a makeup free makeup photo for a rail card & it looked natural on my blonde lashes.

Top Shop Brows in Brown £6

This was a random pick up after I bought the Eyelure crayon one (which F.Y.I is awful). It was on the hopes of replacing my Mac brow pencil for something cheaper when I finish it. This is pretty much the same shade as Macs Lingering but in a pencil you have to sharpen. It’s a lot softer in texture which I’m still borderline on how much I like this, I definitely prefer the Mac but I could work with it. I do like the Spoolie end of it as it really tames them well & makes using the pencil easier for filling sparse areas.

I’d love to hear your favourite brow products as I’m still at a loss to find the perfect one for me.


Matte Lip Pencils To Dupe Bobbi Brown & Nars

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maybelline, nars, bobbi brown, lip pencil dupe matte velvet

So you probably already know I’m on about the Maybelline Color Drama Intense Velvet Lip Pencils, that’s a mouth full! Can’t we go back to shorter names like matte, glossy & simply lipstick or lip pencil, I digress. Then again I hate seeing numbers instead of names when it comes to colours, unless in Nars case where I can’t pronounce half of them. Continue reading “Matte Lip Pencils To Dupe Bobbi Brown & Nars”