False Lash Extreme – A Mac Dupe

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When it comes to expensive mascara I don’t really buy into it because they have such a short product life. It’s suggested to throw them out every 3 months as they can become contaminated each time we run the spoolie through our lashes & the dip it back into the tube. This is why the first expensive mascara that I’ve come across is Mac’s False Lash Extreme which I got as a sample size when I made an online order. I’ve only recently notice how similar it is to one of my old favourites so I had to let you gals see & decide for yourselves if it is too.

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A More Affordable Face – #Fotd + Mini Reviews

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I think sometimes when I look at my make-up & decide what to use it can be a little too often I pick the expensive pieces up first. It’s not that I’m a snob but that I don’t want to waste it sitting there in my room gathering dust. However I noticed I do have a lot of drugstore beauty bits that are great & work just as well as their expensive counterparts. These aren’t super cheap but drugstore is much more affordable than most  so here’s a full face that’s drugstore only make-up.

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My Lipstick Method – Even With A Lip Ring In!

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This I guess is a random one but it only occurred to me recently how often I’ve worn lipstick. I know it can be hard enough to apply as it is but with a lip ring it’s even more trouble. You can’t do that magical sweep across your bottom lips in one go like I see on Youtube, it’s just not possible. When I noticed last week that I’d created a sort of method for for it I thought you might find it useful too. However keep in mind this works even if you don’t have a lip piercing, it helps get a more even line without lip liner.

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Chocolate Suede Leather Color Tattoo

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five color tattoos i own my maybeline

I’ve wanted to order this Chocolate Suede Color Tattoo ever since I saw it on Superdrug’s website but I kept looking in stores in the hopes of swatching it. When I still came up empty-handed I caved & ordered it online, I wasn’t disappointed..

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Fresh Faced Fotd – Still Me, But More Refined

Fresh Faced Fotd - Still Me, But More Refined

I love getting creative with makeup, even though I’m yet to perfect that feline flick! I will often make Saturday about trying out something a bit different like the recent affair I’m having with the Clinique’s Black Honey range or simply a strong lip shade like Bobbi Browns Razzberry that stands out, it creates a focal point. However if I just want to look like me but better then I have certain go to make-up that just works. I suppose it’s really my no make-up, make-up routine as it does have such a natural fresh faced finish to it. Continue reading “Fresh Faced Fotd – Still Me, But More Refined”