So Much To Dew Sampar Overnight Mask

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When I bought this I loved it dearly for what a big change it made to my skin during the colder weather as a moisture mask. However its blazing sun one moment then thunder & lightening then next. It seems to be messing with my skin worse than winter does so I’ve busted this out to help calm & rehydrated. Sampar’s So Much To Dew has quality on side which should make up for the price tag, let me know if you’ve tried Sampar out. In fairness to my readers I picked this up at T.K.Maxx so didn’t pay full price for it but my opinions are the same either way.

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Manuka Honey Peel Mask – Montagne Jeunesse

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It’s Sunday & religious or not should at least get one day of rest why not make it today you know you deserve & need it. There’s a good dose of nostalgia for me when I do peel masks, even more so when it’s from the Montagne Jeunesse brand. It’s a little reminder of my younger self who didn’t have a skincare routine & really believed that a face mask should fix everything. I  still have this in me when I use a peel because you relax for at least 10-15 minutes & in your head can put the world right. That inner voice has chance to shine because your outer one is stuck shut & you feel like you’re doing a little something to fix yourself at the same too. The first reasons are more important but the last will always perk you up. Any way what’s more satisfying than peeling it off once it’s dry!

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Glycolic Peel Mask- Purse Friendly Way To Smoother Skin

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I love using face masks at least when I remember to use them that is. It’s one of the reasons I love the Superdrug Overnight Glycolic Peel Mask as I could slap it on after I cleansed & forget about it until morning. I thought this new one would be more hassle than it’s worth but it’s only as much fuss as any peel mask is. I think that if you put a little extra effort into your routine it’s worth it. It’s what I’m working on without crying into the bottom of an empty purse at the same time! I like that more budget friendly brands are improving all the time & trying to innovate beyond cleanse & moisturise.

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Seaweed Peel Face Mask by MJ – Get More Than 1 Mask …

montagne jeunesse seaweed face mask - product

Seaweed Mask Saves You Money

This came about after having used single sachet masks on and off for years. It’s daft that  haven’t done this before even though it makes sense to. It annoys me when I use a face mask up especially the peel ones and half the mask is still in the sachet after I’ve applied a full layer to my face. If you use more than it doesn’t dry and if not your throwing half your mask away. It would be easy for the companies to simply add a perforation down the center just like the Garnier self heating mask here.

montagne jeunesse seaweed face mask - 2nd stage

There’s a window of opportunity that taken will at least double the number of masks you can get out of sachet. Almost all peel masks are 10ml and I can do my face with 5ml. I decided to experiment and put the left over in a little sample pot I had to see if it was still alright to use the next day.

Below is me over the last week using the face mask up, each time the mask was still liquid, it hadn’t dried out. As you can see I got 3 masks out of this one sachet, the last only on my t zone but I think I may have used more on day one and did end up with a little patch that wouldn’t dry for ages. Maybe next time it would work out as 3 full face masks as I do have a Manuka Honey peel mask from the same brand.

montagne jeunesse seaweed face mask - collage

Seaweed Peel Mask – Results

This is a lovely black sticky translucent gel. It has a faint seaweed smell to it and if you’re not careful like I was with a previous sachet it will get everywhere. Then again that was me trying to use the whole sachet, it was a very sticky mess indeed!

Our chopped black Laver Seaweed (from the Welsh seaside) and crushed Sea Buckthorn berries are pressed together to make our black peel off mask. A seaside detox to cleanse deeply and peel off dirt and grease weekly – Montagne Jeunesse

This seaweed peel mask is suitable for all skin types.

This time round though I can really appreciate what it does. This isn’t going to create amazing clear skin instantly. What it does is with a thin layer is dry after 10 minutes & comes off in large pieces very easily.

When you take it off it peels away in large pieces as long as it’s all dry. It doesn’t give you that overly tight or dry feeling that many peel masks do. If you’ve ever squeezed your nose to get at black heads you will be grossed out by how much comes out. I know my pores are worst there but I didn’t notice how bad until after using this. Over the rest of my face this has brought a few spots to the surface. I wouldn’t use this the day before a big event but maybe a week or two ahead of one using one sachet over three days. I don’t quite yet look better for it but I would repurchase more of them to properly clear my skin out.

The Montagne Jeunesse Black Seaweed Peel Off Mask is £1

50 Years of Superdrug – Fruit Sorbet Mask

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50 years of superdrug - Fruit Sorbet Face Mask - product

If like me you are a lover of a great find at the drugstore them I’m sure you’ll have spent many an hour perusing the aisles of one very famous drugstore. As the sounds of fireworks chimed in 2014 so did the 50 years of Superdrug. In which we (OK me) celebrate very much and in true spirit I had no other choice but to take Superdrug up on a few more offers and picked up this Fruit Sorbet Peel Off face mask. I was totally pulled in by the packaging as the black & white stood out from the brightly coloured products on the shelves. Anything a bit retro and I’m all too easily swayed. I had to get in on a little bit of the 50 years of Superdrug. I didn’t really need a new mascara with the Max Factor one wrapped specially or in need of a pink glittery Barry M varnish however cute it was.

For a long time I’ve stayed away from the single sachet peel off face masks as I’ve never seen good results from them. They always have too much product in them the same 10 ml irrelevant of whether you could cover your face twice. In this case why don’t they seal a line down the middle and make it into two? I’d be more inclined to repurchase the peel ones if they did. Due to me being a bit of a waste not want not I used the lot.

Was It Any Good?

My first thought after applying it like that was to wonder how many hours will it take to dry! The second was the very unusual smell in had. At first sniff it’s fruit but because of the alcohol content so that it dried the layer out it also smells like a berry flavoured cider. It’s even stranger when you sniff this while it’s on your face. That being said it didn’t take hours but the full 20 minutes it suggests is best to wait out till this point to start peeling. It came off in large sections unlike some where your finding bits still stuck on for the rest of night. I was shocked because when I did get it off my face didn’t feel striped even though my skin gets very dry normally, if anything it felt softer. The big interesting thing for me was the next day at least 3 spots had come to the surface of my skin. Not a great look if your going out but I get spots where they sit under the skin and never come up properly so I can’t do anything about it. This brought the ickyness (spots) to the surface and meant I could treat them. Luckily I was going anywhere so I popped some Origins Spot Remover on and let the healing begin.

This may not be what most girls are looking for but necessary evils and all it at least worked and actually did something for a change. These sachet masks are 99p each but usually on some kind of deal. A s for the awful photo below this was the best of the bunch just having one of those days, it may not be pretty when it’s on but who cares…

50 years of superdrug - Fruit Sorbet Face Mask - mi


You can still get some of the 50 Years of Superdrug products in store so go and have a little celebration. The Fruit Sorbet is still available online at Superdrug.