Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home

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It’s not all that often I end up at a party these days so when I do I almost go a little overboard picking out what makeup to wear. I still haven’t the finesse for a 5 product travel set & instead opt for more possibilities than anyone needs. However what I did use would class as party makeup than even the novice makeup wearer could manage. I’m all about choosing fool-proof products when I’m away from the comfort of multiple different makeup removers & endless cotton buds to fix eyeliner! Continue reading “Party Makeup & What I Could Have Left At Home”

Patience Is A Virtue #fotd

Patience Is A Virtue? For me this means very little but when it comes to makeup practice really does make perfect. Continue reading “Patience Is A Virtue #fotd”

Waste No Time #fotd

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It may seem like an obvious concept but Sundays you either get nothing done and just relax or get everything you couldn’t otherwise get done the rest of the week. If your leaving the house do you have to be done up to perfection. A little goes a long way and spring is here so make the most of the sun.

Why Waste Time fotd - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - fotd

Waste No Time – What I Wore

For my base I want as little as possible so I can get used to these warmer days without getting flustered. So I have been testing out the Smashbox Studio Finish Foundation. I still think it’s a great buildable base I just need an equivalent high-end or a good dupe as the shades just aren’t light enough. I have only a very thin layer on just to even my complexion out. On top I have powdered my t-zone lightly with Macs Studio Fix Plus as it’s great for setting and keeping the oils at bay.As it’s closer to my natural shade when it’s over the Smashbox it also helps to illuminate the center or my face giving more shape to it.

On the lips I just used the Revlon Color Burst Matte Balm in Sultry. I few quick swipes is all it takes and for me it’s an easy touch up if I do need to. Brows are filled with my old faithful Natural Collection eye shadow in Crushed Walnut as they tend to start to lighten at this time of year, by summer they will be blonde. My new fave mascara and a super budget buy at just £3 is the 2True Pro Wow Volumising in Black. It’s easy to apply with the plastic wand and up to now rarely clumps and coats them to a deep black shade. I finished off by adding a hint of colour to my cheeks with the wonderful and cheap Makeup Academy blush in Bon Bon at just £1.

In an effort to waste little time I didn’t even straighten my hair I just let it dry for an hour then finished it with a blow dry. Later in the week I’ll let you know the new products I’ve been using including the brand BlowPro. I’ve already mentioned the BlowPro Faux Dry Shampoo here.

Why Waste Time fotd - Dupes Are A Girls Best Friend - products - mi

Undress Your Skin With Makeup Academy

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Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Foundation Porcelain

Budget Foundation Search Continues

Lately I’ve been testing the waters and trying more budget brand foundations to see what’s out there. I’ve tried other cosmetics from Makeup Academy so I picked up their Undress Your Skin illuminating foundation. I got this just after Christmas when it was on offer at £3 in Superdrug and it’s only £5 when not on offer. There is limited choice of just three shades, I’m pale so I went with Porcelian with the other two shades being beige and golden. The packaging is quite basic and because the foundation is a thin runny liquid it means it gets all over the cap and the thread on the tube which annoys me a little. I’m pretty sure it could be about two-inch shorter as 35 ml does not need the extra space making it not as travel friendly as it could be.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelain v Mac Matchmaster shade 1.0

Shade In Comparison

To give you an idea of what the shade Porcelian is like above on the left is the Undress Your Skin and the right is Mac Matchmaster foundation in shade 1.0. The Mac shade is made to blend with a few shades but as you can see the Undress Your Skin is even lighter with a slight yellow undertone to it. Something I noticed afterwards is it’s almost the same shade as my Mac Select Cover concealer in NW10 but with a sheered coverage.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelian - No Make Up

This was last week when I was having a particularly good skin week where all my spots seem to disappear. A nice moment in time but can’t say it lasted , the reason I make a point off it is you can’t see in the photo below if it conceals spots and for me I need concealer aswell. You can however see how red my cheeks are which is how they always are. It’s not on the level of rosacea but can be a pain to cover so I can make use of the blushers I have.

Makeup Academy - Undress Your Skin Porcelain

Undress Your Skin – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

This is easy to work with and I just use my fingers as a brush would soak this straight up. It’s all in the technique of blending a little at a time as it’s runny and can end up everywhere, including my dress when I first tried it out. This is quite sheer but gives a natural cover without hiding everything but you can build it up without it caking but just to a medium coverage. I can get along with this as a day-to-day foundation but I don’t know what I’m doing but sometimes this works perfectly and other I end up starting my base again. I have little blonde hairs on my face and this can sometimes smear in those area. I have a feeling it could be my choice in moisturizer and primers, like I said it’s hit or miss but more often than not I’m happy with it. The finish is a demi-matte but as for illuminating I’m not convinced and think it’s more to do with the fact the shade is a little light even on me.

For the price the Undress Your Skin foundation is quite a good one and its quirks can be worked with if your willing to try. It’s £5 on the MuaStore and at the moment it’s back on offer in Superdrug.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude – First Impressions


Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude - products

These are the two MUA Matte Lipsticks I picked up from Superdrug I think I would have picked up one of each shade had they even had stock in as they are super value at £1 each.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude collage


In the top left and bottom right are each of the tubes partially deconstructed by that I mean the colour at the end of the tubes of lipstick are the product. This is the first time I’ve seen or noticed this done and I think its a great idea when you can’t open the sealed lipstick but you an see what your getting. That bare in mind though when you swatch them they are sheer mattes as you can see compared with the Rimmel Kate Matte which is opaque. So it shows a dark colour with Wild Berry but in fact it’s nothing like it in use. The other image is to show because they are only a £1 the quality of the tube and how the lipstick is held in place is rubbish as pressure as you apply it bends the lipstick over so when you twist it back in you end up with the lines cut into the lipstick. It’s a cheap enough lipstick for this not to matter much in my opinion as you can easily replace it if you wanted to be fussy over the appearance after all it’s white plastick with silver writing.

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude totally nude


At first test I wrote off Totally nude as it didn’t work well at first it’s almost like a coating over the lipstick you have to break to get to the colour. The actually texture is quite nice but it’s a matter a layering up the colour so takes a little longer to apply but means you can choose how light or dark you have it. That in mind the nude doesn’t suit me and washes my lip colour out but maybe would work on someone else.

Mua Matte Lipstick in Totally Nude for £1 in Superdrug

Mua Matte Lipsticks in Wild Berry & Totally Nude wild berry


This is a clear favourite and is not what I expect but is much more wearable and is buildable with a suprisingly even shade. This is easy to apply even for me and didn’t settle in the creases of my lips. I did put lip balm underneath but blotted just before adding the lipstick. I love the sheer berry stain it added and came between matte and a little satin in effect. I’m not sure how good wear time is but its easy to reapply without even having a mirror with you without having to worry about it.

Mua Matte Lipstick in Wild Berry for £1 in Superdrug