Guys v Girls – Beauty and The Beasts – April Empties

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This is a little change up I’ll do every now and again when my bloke finishes off the skincare bits he uses. So you’ll get the guys v girls empties and a little bit of a different view point if you fancy getting something for a male friend, boyfriend/husband, brother,dad or even your uncles this should give a little insight into whats worth getting. My male view point is my fiance who has slowly been directed (or nudged) into trying new things out. He has sensitive skin beyond belief to the point where he can’t even use the bath balistics at Lush. We don’t know why he reacts he just does hes a sensitive old soul!

guys v girls april 2014 empties

 Guys v Girls

Guys – Bulldog Original Moisturizer – 100 ml £6.39  This one is a little bit on the balmy side and too close to almost greasy. I prefer the sensitive version as this one takes too long to rub in to my skin. The smells masculine without being excessive

Girls – Lush let The Good Times Roll Cleanser – £6.35 100g – This is my third tub and I go back to it time and again because it smells amazing. Haven’t got sick of it yet anyway but would only use it on my face. Doubles as a mini scrub as well and got into using it at night to remove the work day grime, nice!

Guys – The Body Shop Arber and Kistna Hair & Body Wash – £6 200 ml – These are great products as I don’t react to them and have purchased them multiple times. The Arber (purple one) is a fruity grape smell which I like as an alternative to standard guy scents. The Kistna is an unusual scent along the manly side and I like it almost as much as the Arber. Both get me really clean but don’t dry my skin out. You also do have to use loads so they last a decent length of time.

Girls – Philosophy Cinnamon Buns 3 in 1 – £14 480 ml – Fine as a shampoo, like it as bubble bath treat but love it as a shower gel. I think in the bath you have to use a lot to get the smell but then end up with way too many bubbles. As a shower gel its scent is much more concentrated and has that freshly baked cinnamon bun smell to it. Can’t wait to try the coconut frosting version when I can afford it.

Guys – No7 Hair & Body Wash – £7.50 200 ml– This is good and has a bloke kinda scent. It’s not excessively strong and I prefer to use it as a shampoo as my hair can get quite oily but this gets my hair squeaky clean. I do like the body shop ones more now than this one.

Girls – Lush – Snow Fairy Shower Gel  A limited edition at Christmas that I’ve bought time and time again. I only got a little one this year and I’m thinking the love has worn off. It’s very sweet but it does the job I just prefer other products more. I actually finished it off just using it as shampoo as I’d run out of the Toni & Guy.

Guys v Girls – Toni & Guy Shampoo £7.49 250 ml and Mask £7.49 200 ml – We usually share a set and that lasts around 4-6 weeks. For me shampoo just al seems the same maybe because I don’t like to spend much on them. On the flip side it’s all about the mask and that really stood out. You didn’t need to use loads and it made my hair soft and much more manageable than normal.

If you like the idea of a guy v girls empties or even favourites post in the future comment and let me know.



Latest Skincare Routine – Low to Mid Level Budget

I change out products pretty much as often as I finish each of them up. I don’t usually end up with more than two of something at any one time. I have upped my game in skin care over the last 6 months and it’s taken this long to incorporate the extra steps in a morning. I do think they are well worth doing at what ever price range your working with. I can’t believe how far I’ve come and how much it’s made a difference to my skin.So On with the routine in order of use:

skincare routine

Cleanser – Lush Let The Good Times Roll

This is the second pot and I have about a fifth left of this one. It smells gorgeous and is in a paste form. I wet my face first scoop a bit out about my little finger nail size blob then apply and work it over my face. It has fine grain like particles that give a mini exfoliation at the same time. I do enjoy it but because of the bits it slows me down when I come to take it off. I usually go over my face 2-3 times with a warm damp flannel to get the bits of my face and because of this time in a morning it takes extra I’m going to pick up something a bit simpler. I’d use it only at night if I could but then there is a best before with fresh Lush products.

Toner – The Body Shop Tea Tree

This at face value is good but if you have sensitive skin then it likely won’t suit you as it’s quite a tingle even on me and I usually don’t get feeling. It’s stronger smelling that the Lush Tea Tree Water and I feel like this is doing more to help my spots it’s like an inbetween strength of the Lush and the Origins Spot Treatment. I like it in use but before you get that you have to shake the powder that settles at the bottom of the bottle. This gets annoying shaking it every morning and night just to use it. I will finish it but will likely also try something a little quicker.

Eye Cream – N07 Perfect and Protect

This I got for free from my sister as she pointed out I don’t want to have baggy wrinkly eyes when I get to her age. I only see this as more of a preventative measure. I know this isn’t a cure and it’s a long-term benefit. On the other hand it’s very hydrating at the time and as I have a little bit of Psoriasis at the inner corner of each eye this has been moisturising enough that over a month of using it has practically vanished. No more concealer clinging to it and putting a look at me sign on my under eyes.

Serum – Superdrug Optimum Advance Firm and Lift

This is the first one I’ve used so I can’t compare and it’s made for someone more mature than me but beyond that I can tell the improvement it’s made. My overall skin texture has improved because it’s more hydrated and my skin feels much softer and plumped especially on my cheeks. I find my powder products sit better overall. This is also a low price at just £4.49 for 30 ml so I would recommend it for someone just beginning to find their feet with getting a routine together. If I can’t find something else along this price then I would keep using it until I can afford something more.

Moisturiser – Day – The Body Shop Vitamin E

Another freebie this time from my mum. I’m not a fan of the Vitamin E range but only because I don’t like the smell so I’ve just avoided it. I started on this last month as I didn’t have any others. This is however a good moisturiser for normal skin but on my dry patches of Psoriasis it wasn’t enough and when I picked up the sample of the Intense version in store this solved that and doesn’t have the same odd smell. I think I would replace it with the intense one when I run out.

Moisturiser – Night – Tesco Hydrating Night Cream

What can I say it was a £1 and I saw it about a fortnight ago and added it into my food delivery order. It’s basic white packaging and a little bit of cucumber smelling fragrance to it but other than that , I like it. It shocked me just how nice it was, it looks thick in the pot but it sinks in as quick as the body shop one and I do think it has helped that little bit extra. They don’t test on animals but I can’t say this doesn’t have a random list of chemicals I don’t understand on the side. It is what it is and for such a cheap price I like that I can incorporate it in and enjoy it too.

Spot Control – Origins Super Spot Remover

This is probably the most expensive random purchase I’ve made. It’s £14 for 10ml. That being said I got this in August and I use it almost every day sometimes more than once and it’s about 1/3 of the way through. Use a cotton bud and squeeze the bottle gently to get a little out the apply just to where you need it. If you don’t it can dry normal skin out. This is good and it’s lasted so I have no reason to change it but it probably does a similar job to just using tea tree oil. I can say when I occasionally get massive under the skin spots I use it religiously for a week and they go back down before they even break through the skin surface. If you do this always moisturise afterwards.

What I will leave you with is the idea that it’s better to clean your face than not. At whatever level of skincare you can mange that’s better than nothing. A cheap cleanser, toner and moisturiser has to be better than cheap face wipes…

Empties – January 2014

January 2014 Empties

From Right To Left

Lush Tea Tree Water 100g £3.95- This was a but of a meh kinda product for me. It did it’s job as toner fine but there wasn’t any wow factor  where I could see any difference to my skin while using it. It did help get rid of any missed bits of make up or dirt but I think I wanted more from it. Lasted around 4-5 weeks. Already prefer The Body Shop Tea Tree toner but not had it long enough to know by how much.

Botanics Cleansing Toner All Bright 250 ml £3.99 (or 2 for £6 on All Bright range) –  This I had a little left over from before I started using the Lush Let The Good Times Roll with the Tea Tree toner I just mentioned above. I used this for a week extra to finish it up before I picked a new one This is an inexpensive product but I could tell in a morning that I had used it. It really does brighten the face and it was the pick me up that woke my face up before my morning coffee. I would gladly use this again in the future and it’s almost always on offer in boots.Lasted while in use about 3 months so very good value.

Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo 400 ml £4.99- Epic coconut smell that is my favourite from the Batiste brand. Does the job well but I think the bigger bottle felt like it ran out faster than it should have. Maybe just me using more because it’s bigger, will go back to the smaller one and see.

James Brown Colour Enhance Shampoo and Conditioner ( Travel Size) – These smell really nice and luxe like how your hair smells after going to the hairdressers. These are the reason I now have the moisturising version in full size from a set I got in the Christmas sale at Boots. I haven’t really spent a lot of time taking great care of my hair but these minis made my hair so much nicer and since I finished these up the Jame Brown collection have made brushing my hair easier and I get less knots.

Cinnamon Buns Take Snow Fairys No1 Spot As Favorite Shower Gel

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When I think of Christmas the first thing I think is Lush Snow Fairy shower gel and when it will be coming out, it’s my girly comfort zone and one of few things I don’t mind glitter in. That being said and it’s there in the title I have a new favourite. When I think of shower gel if I’m being honest the clean bit is second to the scent. I know that which ever shower gel I buy it’s going to get my skin clean and it’s always used after a scrub so it’s not got that much work to do. Continue reading “Cinnamon Buns Take Snow Fairys No1 Spot As Favorite Shower Gel”

Never Forget The Lip Prep

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If my mornings are anything to go by its a mad dash to get my teeth brushed, clean my face & find clothes. I’d apply moisturiser as my last thing but never bothered to remember to protect my lips. It winter they get dry & chapped & summer can be just as bad. I have so many lip balms in my house it’s borderline ridiculous but would often forget to put one on. I thought this was my lip prep complete but I discovered this product & can’t go without it. Continue reading “Never Forget The Lip Prep”