You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt

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This isn’t my first bath melt from Lush & it won’t be my last. Although when I first bought this one many moons ago it was a little rectangle with the word Mango raised in letter on the front. It was simple with a pale orange colour that didn’t look much but did everything I wanted. Now Lush have recreated the You’ve been Mangoed bath melt but does it stand up to how I remember it? Continue reading “You’ve Been Mangoed Bath Melt”

The Comforter… Not Just For Baths!

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A firm favourite of mine is spending way too long in the bath. I love having some me time applying a face mask, lots of bubbles & simply forgetting the world for just a few moment. It’s as close to meditating as I ever get because my brain can’t quite manage that level of zen. One of the things that’s a part of this little routine is The Comforter bubble bar from Lush since their original shop first appeared in Sheffield.
Continue reading “The Comforter… Not Just For Baths!”

My Big News + Ways To Relax

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So when this hits Facebook it’s a bit of a sneak preview to my family as some don’t know I’m getting married! I know it’s daft right but the invites haven’t gone out yet as it’s a project in progress. Then again if I can get the invites I’m looking at from Etsy then I’ll show you them once they have been sent out. Now the date of the “event” is gonna be on Halloween I know what your thinking cheesy, odd & mental but that’s us in a nutshell. Anyone that knows us gets that it makes perfect nonsense!

Let The (as good an excuse as any for a) Relaxing Day Begin

So on with the only wedding related bit of this but you can replace it with your favourite fashion or beauty bible i.e Elle or Allure magazine for me. Today however it’s a new genera for me & most definitely the only bridal magazine I’ll be reading up to October.

Rock n Roll Bride

Rocknrollbride - issue 1 - magazine

Written by the very talented Kat Williams, the anything that’s considered alternative style wedding blogger & now Editor of her own magazine. My only sadness is it’s bi-monthly and somewhere in my head I thought it was fortnightly, ahhh! I will just have to read and re-read. Spend my days going through older posts on the her blog getting lot’s of ideas. RocknRollBride is the greatest guide for bride & grooms who are looking to do things with a little more uniqueness. The magazine has lots of real wedding with ways to take inspiration from them, Kat does an agony aunt piece which is useful if you have a question for her & diy tutorials to spruce things up. And Kat was right when she said when you get your first bridal magazine you start reading & devour the entire thing in one sitting. It’s a great way to relax.

Face Masks

Time To Relax - Superdrug Sheet Mask

Now you can just pick your favourite one or if this is a less often thing the sachet ones are good too. I like the Montagne Jeunusse (can’t pronouns them either) ones, more the peels than the clay type as they’re good for blemish prone skin. The one I’ve used is a new one for me it’s a sheet mask & purse friendly. These are the New Superdrug Facial Sheet Masks & they are £1.29 each, I’ll tell you more when I’ve tried all three of them out.

YouTube + Blogs

So it’s already my addiction but hey let’s make it yours too. Need a new beauty routine or something more specific for your skin care woes then this is the place to go. I wouldn’t go as far to say take it with a pinch of salt but do remember everyone has their own opinion just like blogging & sometimes they’re different. If I need a skin care guru then it’s Caroline Hirons here on her blog (formerly know as Beauty Mouth) & Youtube. For makeup there’s a fair few but the faves are Miss Budget Beauty( (UK), Tati (USA), Sharon Farrell (Irish in Australia) & LetzMakeup (Ireland) so depending on what brands you can get hold of one of those will suit.

Bath Time

If your like me then baths aren’t fun without bubbles, it’s a necessity I can’t do without. Weather it’s Badedas which creates epic amounts of foam or just your favourite Radox scent it’s a sure-fire way to make you stop. If you risk your mobile to reply to a text in the bath then you already have problems my friend, im afraid even I can’t help you with that one. If you like a but of luxury then as always I suggest Philosophy 3 in one, you can use it as bath foam, shower gel & even shampoo. At the moment I have 3 in stock due to sales & Birthday pressies, the scent Cinnamon Buns is my all time favorite, vanilla birthday cake a soft cake scent & Raspberry Sorbet has a lovely fresh vibe to it. If you’re not a foam person you can always try bath oils, I’ve always wanted to try the Aromatheraphy Associates out but they’re a little expensive for me. Another treat are the lush bath bombs or a little more adult version the bath melts & bubble bars. My faves are You’ve Been Mangoed, The Comforter & Mmmelting Marshmallow Moments all are heavenly scented.

Where Is My Mind #4 + Haul

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Where Is My Mind #4

So I’ve been absent on my blog recently which feels odd but I just needed some rest. It’s not the only thing but definitely a major reason, the other is my health. I’m wrapping my head around the idea of actually getting healthy. A big part of this is my decision to stop taking tablets for acid reflux. Instead I’m trying to change what I eat by avoiding anything that causes it. Along with this on Friday I’m setting myself back on Pro Points & hopefully I’ll last longer this time round.

I’ve restarted old projects from a few years back. This includes a crochet blanket I started & a pair of gloves that I only managed to get one made! I’ve promised my fella I’ll get the other one done as there for him & his BFG sized big hands.

Pre-Saving For Xmas Haul


Superdrug Face Masks - radiant - vitamin e moisture mask

In trying to take better care of my skin I bought not just one but four face masks. All very budget friendly Superdrug own brand pieces. Three are to tackle radiance including a glycolic peel & the other is a moisture mask. What I will say is one of them turned me tomatoes red afterwards! This was not pretty but I’m giving it a second chance if it was something else. I’ll post soon about this one as I completely freaked when it happened. It did subside by the next morning but it’s made me a little overly cautious.

disney store and tkmaxx


I cannot tell you how much I love shopping here for beauty buys. What I will say is head down if you’re looking for Xmas presents as they had Philosophy minis at £4.99 from last year & the bath foams for £7.99.

I’ve needed a new spot treatment for a few weeks now as my Origins Super Spot Remover has barely any left in it. I picked up Murads Blemish Spot Treatment worth £19 for £5 as the box was damaged, score! I picked up a three pack of Mavala nail minis for £7.99 the shades cover Autumn perfectly with a Xmas red but initially intrested in by the shade Black Cherry. Last but not least T.K.Maxx have randomly got Phicians Formula in stock. Only a few pieces but enough to peak my interest seen as it’s an American only brand. I picked up the mineral wear powder brush for £3.99 which I have no idea if that’s good or not but I have a specific purpose in mind. OK, one more thing but this isn’t even mine it’s my fellas. This is the second tube of this hand cream he’s bought so it’s a good sign he likes it. That and it doesn’t have much fragrance to it which is his preference.

Disney Store

I know I’m technically an adult & I shouldn’t be all crazy for Halloween & Xmas but I really am. The Nightmare Before Christmas is a long time obsession that will always have a place in my heart. Every year around Halloween we make a trip to the Disney store. It’s the only time that the range is in store even the Christmas bits which always seems daft to me. This time we got two Jack head shaped plates & a new ornament for our tree. There was a bauble set but we already have two & will be needing a bigger Xmas tree if we get many more! I’m actually thinking of getting one in the sale so we have one for our bedroom and front room, any excuse to buy more decorations.


Lush - Let The Good Times Roll - beard - reindeer rock

Oh how I do love Lush, that and any excuse to show how much I like men with beards. Obviously not as much as my own fella but I’ve already told him I’m gonna try at some point to copy that photo. Lush have done this to celebrate the new Kalamazoo a beard and facial wash, which I know we will end up getting soon. What I actually bought was Let The Good Times Roll which I’ve bought and loved before. This is likely to be a permanent Christmas purchase, it smells amazing. I think they’ve done away with the big pieces of popcorn in it which to be honest were really annoying. I also got a sample size piece of Reindeer Rock which I will be using soon as it smells really nice.


Love Lettuce ? Lush Face Mask + New Fave Way To Apply Them

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Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask - collage

This is my review of the Lush Love Lettuce Face masks and what I think of the fresh face mask concept as a whole.

This is one of many pots of the fresh lush face masks I’ve gone through. Some I haven’t finished because of brain-dead moments when I’ve left them out and found them weeks later with mould growing in one of them. Other times I’ve simply forgotten they were in the fridge, out of sight out of mind. This isn’t showing them in their best light but it’s true and for me it’s happened more often than not. I always get suggested the same one over and over again and that’s the Catastrophe Cosmetic face mask. I just haven’t made proper use of it and with all good intentions then haven’t seen real results. When I last went in I had 5 of the plastic pots they recycle and so I get a free fresh mask for returning them.

I spoke to a member of staff who I explained about how I just wanted help with blackheads and if there was something other than the Catastrophe Cosmetic  that she could suggest. She picked out this..

Love Lettuce

Brighten your complexion with nutrient-rich agar seaweed gel, soothing and moisturising honey and almond oil, and gently exfoliating almond shells. This mask is simply fragranced with French lavender, which has a calming effect on the mind and helps to balance the skin’s sebum production – Lush

One of the daft things that bugged me about this was the name Love Lettuce. Only because the name has nothing really to do with the product. From what I found on the USA Lush website a voice over says it came from the inventor of the mask and it was how they originally displayed the mask on a lettuce leaf. I personally have dry skin and this is suggested for oily skin but because I’m spot prone it was explained that the exfoliating side of the mask would also help with dry patches of skin. So when you do look at their masks it may suggest for skin types but if you read the blurbs on the products it may well be good for you too. It has a mild lavender scent which I though I would hate but it’s so mild even I can’t really tell it’s there. It’s smells more like a garden when it’s rained to me.

How I Use Love Lettuce

  1. The first time I used it I just applied it with my fingers but I quickly because annoyed with it getting under my finger nails especially the almond shell pieces. Then I remembered I’d seen in suggested somewhere to use a foundation brush instead obviously an unused or unloved one. This works so much better as you get an even layer all over the face and it’s much less messier and you waste less even with what gets stuck in the brush.
  2. Next relax for 10 – 15 minutes. The easy part or as I like to call it remembering everything I haven’t done yet but realising I can’t go anywhere anyway as I have a mask on. If only I could switch my mind off that easily.
  3. Now this is the odd and a little tricky time-consuming bit. I usually let my mask get dry before I start to remove it so first use you hands to make the mask damp again. A mirror is essential to this, you have to now in circular motions with your finger tips rub the mask around your face. This is a slow process but your face will thank you for it. When your fingers feel like they can’t move add more water to them.
  4. Once it’s all almost off I then go in with a warm flannel to remove the final bits of exfoliating almond shell.

Lush Love Lettuce Face Mask - 1

This is how much I used each time and I got 8 uses out of the Love Lettuce face mask doing it this way. My skin afterwards felt very clean but not striped in any way. You could feel there was something left behind by it in your skin. I think that’s possibly the agar honey that helps to moisturise and as a good antiseptic. I did use this 2-3 times a week to make sure I used it within the best before date. My skin in term of biggers spots improved massively which the kaolin (clay) and fullers earth was likely the big part of what helped this. As for blackheads I think even the scrub side didn’t make much difference.

I do like the fact that it’s aimed at both deep cleansing,exfoliating and moisturising which are basically the three things my skin needs the most.

The Lush Love Lettuce fresh face mask is £6.25 for 75g or bring back 5 of the black plastic recyclable pots and get one for free.