Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?

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When I apply my makeup I always do my brows but I’m no artist I just like to tame & fill them in a little. They have this special trick in Summer (even our British one) where they start to go blonde on the outer half. This means if I don’t do anything it looks like some’s shaved them! There not quite at that blonde point yet because we’ve had about a week or twos worth of sunny days this year. I was lucky to never have gone through that over plucking trend of the 90s. However they do need evening out & since going blonde I still prefer brunette brows that match my roots. Continue reading “Brunette Brows – Loreal V Collection?”

Juicy Shaker & 5 Minute Face

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juicy shaker shake senora

After using the Laura Mercier Stickgloss I decided maybe I was being harsh on lip gloss by generalizing them as a sticky waste of time. Even after seeing the Lancome Juicy Shaker I still wasn’t convinced it could be any different to any other gloss. However when a giveaway is involved I’m more than willing to give it a chance. I was lucky enough to win one & when it finally arrived I had to try it out.

So does this lip gloss as Lancome say #bantheboring ? Continue reading “Juicy Shaker & 5 Minute Face”

May Favourites

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I know we are already a week into June & this should be up already but I fail sometimes, usually most times with timing! As for my favourites I’ve really been loving hair products this month which features heavily in this post. Funnily enough except for one product its mainly drugstore buys which have piqued my interest the most in the month of may.

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A More Affordable Face – #Fotd + Mini Reviews

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I think sometimes when I look at my make-up & decide what to use it can be a little too often I pick the expensive pieces up first. It’s not that I’m a snob but that I don’t want to waste it sitting there in my room gathering dust. However I noticed I do have a lot of drugstore beauty bits that are great & work just as well as their expensive counterparts. These aren’t super cheap but drugstore is much more affordable than most  so here’s a full face that’s drugstore only make-up.

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Loreal Absolut – A Budget Bi-phase Make-up Remover

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I’m in love with make-up but the most boring job of the day is to take it back off. I can enjoy the skincare part that comes afterwards because it relaxs me & makes my face feel happy. The reason I’ve sat Loreal Absolut next to the Nivea Double Effects is because the Nivea one is what put me off trying others for so long. It wasn’t until I emptied my Loreal Skin Perfecting Cleansing oil  recently that I tried something new. The cleansing oil works & removes almost everything but it wasn’t good enough to repurchase it.

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